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RSS Austinmobile

Reward Points:10
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Lets keep it real our four fathers banded together for freedom of speech. Let continue with the freedom of speech before we become similar to foreign nations

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there is nothing free will here. Everything you do you work for, you have to. If not you would have nothing. So you have someone telling you to do something day in day out. Free will does not exist

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as long as its not expose in public with groping, there is really no hurt. If they are happy able to make a great future let it be. Marriage is a good thing.

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this topic is too vague we have believers and non believers is anybody really going to win this topic. Lets talk about Barney being a real dinosaur. This is not a win debate

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after seeing the news about 911 i will have to agree on this topic

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2 points

But the system doesn't work that way. The first advice I have ever heard from the stock exchange field is "Buy low, Sell high", this is a typical capitalist saying. Get as much information as possible, prophesy the cheapest way to get best results, and sell it to suckers. this is really bad stuff when we cannot count on ourselves to build a good quality product for less

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Evolution is proven every year in fact. The influenza virus, it evolves every year and needs new vaccines, people aren't given the same flu vaccine every year, it's needed re-tailoring to fit the existing virus.

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well i say not to use them, because eventually I will be paying your medical expense, then your spouse will leave you. Only bad things come along with this drug

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Yes i think they should, all these years they took advantage of the american citizens, there product has drop dramatically in quality. There goal was quantity. Let them go

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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