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1 point

I agree with you until your getting high poses a threat to others.

For instance, I think it's okay to take drugs in the privacy in your own home without an intent to hurt anyone else.

However, if you were home with your family, got high, and began to do dangerous things or hurt your family because of your getting high - that's not okay.

As long as the only 'victim' - if there even is one - is yourself, I don't think anyone should really have a say in what you do.

1 point

I don't think anything will happen. I think it'll be over. I just want to make sure my life was worth living, as I don't believe in an afterlife.

1 point

The problem with that is that it's not very scientific. You can't falsify a claim like that, or if you can I don't see how to. That's why I don't agree with ideas like that - if we can't find out if it's true or not, it doesn't matter, does it? In the end, it's just a little thought experiment you came up with. It's fun to think about; but not rational to believe.

To each their own.

1 point

Are you the type of solipsist that relies on the circular nature of solipsism to defend yourself or the type to accept arguments without saying "even your arguing with me is just a product of my own brain so there?"

Also, I don't agree that it's the most extreme form of rationalism. I'd say that it's probably the most irrational philosophy to adhere to.

1 point

The purpose of a diary is that it is a personal journal. When you steal away the 'personal' part of that, all you get is distrust and resent from your child. Have a conversation with them if you want to know them better.

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