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RSS Purple

Reward Points:66
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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

japan . I had been good time in Kyoto as well as Nara. Kyoto is best place to see Japanese culture as well as food . If you want to Japan to see something autumn is best season . I spend time Japan when summer season that was humid and intense hot day . Japanese summer is not likely west cost .

1 point

Yes . no doubt .

They are doing their job at every air port using security check , technology , like that . Air port security manager afraid of crime .

1 point

in general parents spoil their children too much . Reason is simple parents grow up spoiled life too. Their children want to same experience . unlike spoiled children want to get good life to earn money . Democracy bring us challenge to get successful life . General assembly plan built higher education nowadays so that making more opportunity to get full time job .

1 point

I'm crazy in energy drink .

I always drink energy drink when I feel thirsty .Red bull is best one so far . Monster is second option , but I like monster because monster is more amount of water .

1 point

I love Chicken .

Chicken is better and more satisfied to eat chicken .

What about hot dog ? hot dog is not enough to satisfied to me .

Fried chicken is best . I always order chicken when i visit shopping mail . I'm crazy in chicken right now .

1 point

online shopping won't replace shopping mall.

I think shopping mall has some advantage . first try . We can try shoes and clothes etc ... I try clothes every time and i try shoes too . online shopping is faster than real shopping easier than to find out what looking for . I recommend shopping mail It is could be fun feeling atmosphere as well as talking to someone .

I use both method online and shopping mail but i prefer shopping mail .

1 point

shopping is wast of time .

I use amazon every time to buy things that I want it like a sox , shirts, shoes ,etc . when i was child I feel shopping is pleasure for me but new I don't like shopping . I haven't pleasure . I satisfied internet shopping .

1 point

I got LG TV.

In Christmas I got a TV that was I wanted . LG TV is better than any other TV product . I'm not regret , some people give me advice Sony is best product but I don't believe that I love LG TV .

1 point

Popcorn over chips . Popcorn bring me happiness . I'm not regret when I order popcorn with drink to enjoy watching baseball . I won't order Chips when I visited stadium former friend say " Chips is not fun " .

I agree . someone say " Chips is better than Popcorn " I don't believe that . I wanna get Popcorn every time .

1 point

Yes. Better Stadium Accommodatoins .

Accommodation is important for me so that enjoy watching sports . We will feel passion , voice ,etc . Yankee stadium is better stadium . It has been wider praised so far . I recommend to all of sports fun .

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