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 Why do people concern themselves with the lives of others? (19)

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Why do people concern themselves with the lives of others?

A lot of bigotry and hate to me seems very pointless, most of it can be described as a pointless dislike for a certain lifestyle or culture which has no effect on the individual who is doing the hate.

How does two men or women married affect you personally? Just because something doesn't appeal to you doesn't mean you have to go out of your way to negatively impact someone's life.

How do abortions affect you? Is someone coming to your home, kidnapping your wife and aborting your children on you?

How does someone's race affect you? Other than your personal beliefs that you're a superior being, how does someone with ancestry in a different race negatively affect you? Does knowing there are people of African descent out there bother you? Do you struggle to complete work because of the idea of there being other races out there?

I just don't understand how any of these topics personally impact the lives of those who are so against them, they have little to almost no impact on the daily lives of the average citizen.

Should your sense of disgust be more important to your country than someone else's sense of happiness?
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In many cases people are frightened of what they don't understand .

As a defense mechanism they let their fear turn to hatred, and this can escalate to violence against whomever or whatever they deem to be a threat.

I suppose mankind's primitive instincts of survival can be evoked in certain people and anyone or anything which they perceive to be irregular, or acting abnormally as a potential danger to their well being and the society in which they live.

Extreme irrational fear of anything is why there are so many phobias in existence.

Xenophobia, homophobia, Islamophobia, Bongophobia, IamSpartacusphobia, and so on.

JustIgnoreMe(4290) Clarified
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You're breaking character here. Racists don't understand that their racism is based on "[e]xtreme irrational fear".

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Oh yes, racist-phobia, supremacist-phobia, justIgnorme-phobia, IamSpartacus-phobia, phobia-phobia.

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It goes back to the basic "this playground isn't big enough for both of us" mentality. How are you supposed to enjoy your own recess when you're worried about the ball from the soccer players, the screaming tag you're itter's, or the songs from the hopscotchers, all interfering with your own enjoyment of your own thing.

Like you said, and it's true, most of the time everyone else's thing has zero real impact on the thing the complainers are wanting to do instead. But the very notion that they have to share the playground with them offends them.

Basically, uptight people are no fun, and they want your fun to stop too, dang it. And they keep complaining to authorities and the authorities aren't taking their side, so now they're complaining about the authorities, too. And when they try to escalate the morality of the issue by making it about God and morality it's the equivalent of saying they're going to tell their daddy and then we'll all be sorry.

It seems to generally boil down to insecurity in my experience.

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In one line you said it all: insecurity.

People will always concern themselves with the lives of others.

I rephrase the statement to others are a matter of interest and importance Self. According to Aristotle, Other is crucial to the definition of Self. You can only see yourself in a mirror. And even in mirror you only see a reflection. That raises the question: are ever truly able to know our self?

Like a mirror, Others allow us to have that reflection of ourselves. The more interactions we have with people the better we know our Self.

The reason somethings like abortion, homosexuality, race seem to "concern" quite a few people is:

(1) it challenges your knowledge of Self. For example, homosexuality. Some men and women (adults) feel uneasy around homosexuals. Seeing that other men can be attracted to men forces a reflection on yourself. Can I be homosexual?

Other is like a mirror. When you look you always have a reflection of yourself. Therefore, some people refuse to have homosexuals live their lives in front of them because they will then be led to look at their own reflection. It is by fear of knowing themselves that they concern with the lives of other people.

(2)Insecurity. For example, you see someone kill another person. Even though you are not directly concerned, you feel concerned because the idea that our own mortality can be in the hands of others makes you feel insecure and not in control.

I actually have an interesting example. In France, women are not allowed to wear the burka in public places. Women wearing a burkini in the south of France are asked to leave the beach. My first reaction was: why the hell do you care what women wear? If they want to suffer of heat in those capes let them do it! What is it to you?

Then, after a heated argument with the French, I understood their argument. I still disagree but it made more sense. The French are very proud of their heritage. They don't want northern Africans to swallow their culture. It is by fear of extinction that they concern themselves with the burka of Others. The french in their history have proved to be persistent with the preservation of their heritage. Until today, television can never be in any other language but in French.

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While it's true that most of the time, the concerns of others has nothing to do with you and won't affect or interfere with your own life, it still does on occasion, and that's all that is needed to make people concerned with the lives of others.

"injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."

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How does abortion affect me? It truly bothers me that each year millions of children are being murdered just because the mother doesn't want the baby. And it affects everyone because great things could have happened in the world that didn't because of abortion. People don't have as much friends as family as they could have because of abortion. Do you allow the murdering of adults? How does the murder of a random adult you don't know affect you?

cownbueno(407) Disputed
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Ahh yes, it bothers you. But it actually has no effect on your life. Your life would be the exact same, with or without it. And I can firmly say that the only difference in the world would be more mouths to feed, more parent-less children, and more career failure for those incapable of maintaining a family at a young age. And on the topic of random murders, they don't. As I'm typing this, someone is most likely becoming the victim of a senseless and violent murder, but it has absolutely no impact on my life personally apart from the knowledge that is occurring, somewhere on the planet. But comparing undeveloped cells to a full grown, emotionally capable human is just foolishness, but don't let science get in the way of your beliefs, it's your life and your beliefs, and like I've stated, it has no impact on mine.

KeepSmiling(54) Disputed
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So you have no problem with adults being murdered? That is just appalling and horrific. And a fetus is more than just a cell. It is a living human being! And yes it does affect my life because, like I said, good things that could have happened didn't because the people who would have done them would not exist. Millions upon millions of babies are murdered by abortion each year. Millions! Imagine how much different the world would be if abortion was still illegal (like it should be). It has a massive impact on me. It doesn't matter if there would be more mouths to feed. They are still human beings. With that logic we might as well be gathering up a bunch of random people and killing them. And if you don't want a baby or can't support one then don't have sex. And don't try to bring up rape because that accounts for less than 0.5% of abortions.

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Because they feel like people have a say in life. What's the point of living it when you don't listen and take things to heart. I'm not saying that we should cry over spilt milk every minute, it's just that we need to listen to what people say about us. Though if people say things really mean about ourselves so we change whatever they're talking about, DON'T. Don't change anything about yourself. I'm not going to be a motivational speaker and say that your perfect in your own body, I'm going to be a lawyer and tell the truth. NOBODY is perfect. You may think it - but your just thinking wrong. So what if they're great at all of the subjects? They might not be the prettiest person alive! What I'm trying to say is this:

Listen to what people say and take it to heart but don't do anything about it.

Thank you for reading this

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Creating out-groups, conforming, and confirmation bias are all fairly consistent human traits. Courtesy of evolution. We did not evolve to be optimal creatures of justice and good intent. We evolved sufficiently to pass on our genetics. That really is all, and it's naive to think we're more than that.

The most consistent thread is moral expectations of conformity and imagined harms. Does not matter if one is conservative or liberal. You do it. For instance, is your sense of disgust as others' moral absolutism more important than their concern for moral truth (and therefore their happiness)?