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Tugman's Reward Points: 749

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument If GW is real then why did the Global Cooling Deniers change the name to Climate Change?
5 Created Debate Is ACORN really screwed up this time?
1 Added Argument One should always listen to his parents irrespective of his own choice.
1 Added Argument Is this even remotely acceptable?
1 Added Argument Was the Pope and Nancy Pelosi on the same stage in front of a huge crowd.
1 Added Argument Why won't the news talk about the protests in Washington DC?
2 Added Argument Is the US too christian if a film about Darwin won't have a US distributor
1 Added Argument Which Pisses you off more?
1 Added Argument Should mixed age relationships be illegal?
5 Created Debate If you could go to college anywhere for free where would you go?
1 Added Argument Peer Pressure: A "Big Deal" or Not So Much?
5 Created Debate Which Pisses you off more?
1 Added Argument Is this kid a little shit... or did you pull this crap on your parents?
1 Added Argument Is the National Health Care Reform the answer to our medical problems?
1 Added Argument Should Michael Savage have been banned from Britain?
4 Added Argument Should Congress read the new healthcare bill?
5 Created Debate Should Congress read the new healthcare bill?
1 Added Argument Should parental consent be required for underage pregnant women to have abortions?
2 Added Argument Would Mitt Romney be a better president than Barrack Obama.
1 Added Argument Should animals be placed in zoos for people's entertainment?
5 Created Debate Are the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan winnable?
1 Added Argument Boxer Uses Racial Politics to Avoid Debate
1 Added Argument Switching off on the light bulb
4 Added Argument Which news station is more biased, Fox or MSNBC?

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