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EldonG(538) Clarified
1 point

You left out the part about those parts being temporary, and the deficit going through the roof.

1 point

Yes, this is definitely fact - though Muslim extremists are far more likely to cause terror attacks. The typical Muslim is not an extremist, though they hold some damn dangerous opinions - it's the radicalized ones that are most dangerous, whether Muslim or any sort of extremist.

1 point

The idea that the number going higher is irrelevant is unbelievably dangerous and ignorant. We have to pay interest on that debt, and the debt is already higher than the GDP. The economy is growing, and that's good, and investment is good in a time like this - infrastructure (which is crumbling) for example, to keep growth moving - but that's not what's happening.

As wealth inequality expands, it's worth noting that the worst income inequality may have been a factor in the great depression, and the recession we're just climbing out of - and this tax restructuring promotes income inequality like never before.

I hope I don't have to explain the disaster if we actually plunge back into a recession - or even depression - as the debt spikes insanely.

1 point

You really have no clue that he cut the deficit dramatically, do you? That we had a deficit of over 1.4 trillion when he assumed presidency, and 666 billion in 2017? (it was even lower for a while)

You completely missed that Bush jr doubled the debt after being left with a balanced budget, and Reagan literally tripled the debt. Did you know that?

1 point

Actually, the economy is doing so well right now because of Obama's policies. No president can influence the economy greatly in their first year, before even releasing a budget - the economy always lags a minimum of a year, and depending on what the previous president has done, it can be much longer. We'll be feeling this tax restructuring for considerably longer, for instance - and whether it does good or ill to the GDP will be seen in coming years, not yet.

1 point

It doesn't raise the debt by 1.5 trillion - it raises the deficit 1.5 trillion, over 10 years. That utterly skyrockets the debt. People keep failing to understand the difference - the deficit is the yearly cost of the budget beyond the income of the federal government.

The actual cost, to the debt, according to the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget is 3-7 trillion, with best estimates of 5.5 t.

Note: The CRFB is considered very non-biased:

Trump's tax plan lowers the taxes on the rich and megacorporations, to give us this huge bump in deficit, with a little for the middle class and poor. The most dangerous possible outcome is that wealth disparity is linked with economic repression and even depression.

The republicans championed lowering the deficit, until they lost their minds: republicanstudycommitteemaximizingamericasprosperity6212011.pdf

1 point

In some cases, like FromWithin, I favor post-birth abortions. Clear enough?

1 point

You obviously need to read it again. How many wives did Solomon have?

EldonG(538) Clarified
2 points

This looks like it goes into greater detail than I've ever read - it addresses precocious puberty as well as general physical maturity:

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