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Too much winning Trump can do no wrong
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Are you tired of winning yet?

Too much winning

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Trump can do no wrong

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ROFLOL, the question should be... are you yet tired of losing election after election?

One thing that fools have in common. A dysfunctional fixation with an ideology or belief, that has proven an utter failure, yet still they mindlessly repeat the same failures time after time after time.

Political correctness is dividing this great nation into racial and political factions. It is becoming violent and what do these fool witch hunting Democrats keep doing? THEY FAN THE FLAMES ALL FOR THE HOPES OF GETTING ELECTED ONCE MORE.

Total fools, the lot of you.

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Economy is great. Stock market is great. Job growth is great. I'm not even worried about the economics of the country. I'm worried about the Leftists making us a Communist nation.

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ApathyisRIP(19) Clarified
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Your not actually attributing all of the current economic performance of the USA to Trump are you lol? Sure if you want to give him credit for a certain portion because the market's expectation of tax cuts, pro business, etc., but majority of this is associated with the previous president like how it always works.

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Oh good. I'm glad you said that. So when Obamacare fully explodes, we'll know who to blame. Excellent.

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