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 Do you believe that non-marital, non-love-based sex is immoral in itself? (5)

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Do you believe that non-marital, non-love-based sex is immoral in itself?

Nathan Allen, do your thing.
Christians, do your thing...

Sex addicts do your thing...

DEBATE THIS TOPIC, you know it's your duty! ;)

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Non loved based sex? Please we should behave as humans, not rabbits. Sex is/should be something you do out of love not just because you are horny

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Sexual intercourse is a biological process. Other than asexual reproduction by some simpler animals like bacteria it is pretty much a fact that every other living thing on earth wants sex, seeks sex, and tries to get a sexual release. Many species establish expectations and practices around it to try to make reproduction orderly. The ability to get a release without making an offspring (whether that's masturbation, or in the case of humans contraception) is just one more part of trying to have some order around what is otherwise a messy sloppy practice by a species. So, neither wanting sex, nor having sex, nor getting your release, are in and of themselves immoral.

You'd be surprised how many disagree with this.

Amarel(3617) Clarified
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Any argument for the immorality of non-love-based sex is likely to be a consequentialist argument as with most moral debates. They would have to argue that it is harmful in some way. Incidentally, can you think of any non-harmful act that is immoral in and of itself?

Grenache(6104) Clarified
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A case might be made that gluttony and greed are not always automatically harmful. Eventually, probably. And if they cause others to not get enough, then yes. But to simply eat way too much and then keep your whole lottery winnings to yourself are not automatically immoral.

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There is nothing inherently wrong with sex. As long as it's consensual, sex is like any other activity...but we have hangups in this country beyond reason.

For me if neither party/parties are cheating it's totally cool.

If they are cheating... Fuck them :( SEE WHAT I DID THERE THOUGH...

Sorry but sluts are going to be sluts whether you preach abstinence or give them contraception. Better societies have pro-choice and contraception to maintain good, happy population rather than repressing what's natural.

Some people are very horny, some not at all. That's the way of diversity.