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it has Golden State will still win
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Has the OKC Thunder put together a team that can win NBA title

it has

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Golden State will still win

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I liked Golden State until Curry started spewing his poitical views on Trump. He said he did not care to go to the White House after their championship.

If these rich arrogant stars would keep their politics out of sports, we might all enjoy it more.

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Hello bront:

Nahh... God is punishing them for leaving Seattle.


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Would you like me to tell you the story of Lot, or are you good? *

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I think even though the Thunder have star power I don't think they have a good enough offensive system planned out that gets all three of the people they decided to get during the off season that whole group of starters in the thunder lineup just want to score until they to play as a complete team they don't become as successful as they want to be. But I also disagree with the warriors winning it all again.

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jura(1) Disputed
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Firstly, I think Warriors are going to get that ring without too much sweating.

I have to disagree with your opinion regarding offensive system because they started clicking together in these last few games and they have tendency to get better.

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You were wrong. Off ya go.*

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