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Homo Optimus

Experts believe we will have a new species of human by the year 2050 and this new species is called Homo Optimus. As our technology and scientific knowledge advances we will soon be able to incorporate neural interfaces into the human brain making our conciseness uploadable. We will be able to create artificial bodies that are immune to illness and aging. We will basically be immortal.
I just have to stay alive for 33 more years and my dreams of eternal learning could possibly come to fruition.

Would you like to be apart of such a future or not?

I'm in!

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Hell no!

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This is all I have ever hoped for in my life.

I never want to stop learning about our world and know it mite be a possibility.

I'm so happy I was born into this glorious age of discovery.

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It's a fascinating thought isn't it ? At the moment worldwide AI is replacing jobs at a rapid pace I have a brother who's job at the moment is replacing humans with bots for a big multinational.

There are transhumanist societies last I read in California working in these fields which everyday become more real ; Stephen Hawking claimed that's it's inevitable that AI will eventually take over and who knows where that might lead .

Would one want to live forever ?

Surely the planet could not survive if people never died?

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With a high rate of minerals and resources getting depleted I doubt that there will be any material left for making such beings. Besides if the human body is meant for this type evolution it would have happened a few thousand years ago.

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I read this as Homo Optimist!

"we will soon be able to incorporate neural interfaces into the human brain making our conciseness uploadable"

I really don't know why people think that consciousness is something that is transferable. If one copied their brain and uploaded it to a computer/robot I see no reason why one's consciousness would also be transferred. It simply makes no sense unless we invent some kind of "soul-transfer" device and such a device is also nonsensical. One would simply end up, at best, with a computer/robot that had one's knowledge and personality.

I'd also caution against any insertion of devices into one's brain as one's brain can be controlled by electrical impulses (Source 1,2). I personally wouldn't take such a risk that, even if there are no ill-intentions from the creators, could allow one's brain to be hacked by other actors.



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