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RSS San101

Reward Points:104
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3 points

If someone's atrocities are so high not speaking about is way of showing it is no way justifiable if that person is near by. The same way can be seen in the case of supporting atrocities. The silence implies we support it.

1 point

Science backs the claim on the fact that cold showers are more beneficial.

1 point

I am an American and I became a citizen eleven years ago and no one judge me or my family by the bank account we had.

1 point

There is Silicon Valley which attracts programmers and other tech savy people. LA attracts big time entertainers and it is the overall quality of life in every part of the US which attracts people from other parts of the globe.

1 point

On a factual serious note you are with respect to morals and in some places and countries it is a criminal offense. If the person drowning is your enemy or someone you hate enjoy the show and stop others from helping heheh.

San101(104) Clarified
1 point

If there was inaction by people everywhere then why would should there be punishment for negligence

1 point

Considering McGregor's training he will beat Mayweather. McGregor is either sparing or doing something else and all his posts are like that Bruce Lee fears a guy a does one kick a thousand times and the same logic is here.

1 point

The Royal family is a laughing stock in the UK and it wouldn't matter if the tapes were released.

1 point

Of course not if he is just fleeing without attacking a cop it is no way justifiable as the suspect did not attack the cop in the first place.

2 points

Yes of course morality and science are two independent fields which do not overlap at all hence both can coexist.

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