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RSS WinstonC

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1 point

"Love making wouldn't be worth shit unless you also get raped"

Life's downswings serve to punctuate life's upswings, rape does not serve a similar purpose relative to sex.

"Also Stephen Hawking may as well have never lived or bothered to do any scientific work if it wasn't for his life shattering immobilizing disease."

If you say so.

"And also the beauty of nature means nothing until you pollute it, it's the pollution that really makes it special."

Beauty would be meaningless if everything was equally beautiful is analogous to my point, not a proposition that we should mar beauty wherever it exists.

1 point

Evil, immorality and misfortune are all necessary phenomena. Since what makes these phenomena negative in valence is suffering I shall address suffering directly. Without suffering pleasure would have no significance. In other words if one only ever had positive experiences then positive experience would cease to have meaning and life would be boring. The contrast between the negative experiences and the positive ones is what makes life a thrilling roller-coaster ride. Think about movies and TV-shows. There is always some conflict, some problem to overcome, even in happy comedies. If there was no problem and no conflict it wouldn't be entertaining. The same is true for life: problems and conflict are necessary to make life engaging and exciting. In addition, one can give their life meaning by alleviating their own suffering and the suffering of others and replacing it with positive experience.

1 point

I always source my claims when necessary.

WinstonC(854) Clarified
1 point


1 point

"...nothing exists and everything is a social construct"

Regardless of whether something is socially constructed or not it still exists: social constructs describe an underlying reality. Government is a social construct, yet it exists.

1 point

I would focus more on teaching people how to think critically rather than teaching them what to think. There is also a ton of incredibly useful knowledge that one generally doesn't learn at school, such as basic psychology, social skills, power dynamics, economics, debate, abstract problem solving etc. etc.

WinstonC(854) Clarified
1 point

I've never seen the A.D.L. use threats and violence but sure, it's wrong when they attempt to shut down free speech too. Hell, the completely out of touch A.D.L. even branded the Pepe frog meme a hate symbol simply because some white nationalists used the meme.

1 point

The politically correct hold the idea that one should force others to not use words or spread ideas that might offend members of certain groups. These people attempt to shut down the free speech of others (often not even particularly objectionable speech!) by pressuring platforms and governments and/or through threats and violence.

An interesting part of political correctness is the "euphemism treadmill" whereby the euphemisms themselves become offensive and thus euphemisms for euphemisms must be constantly invented. One example of this is found in the word "retarded" which means "slowed" or "delayed". "Retardation" was a medical euphemism for moron, imbecile, idiot, cretin and other conditions (yes these were once medical terms) which had become commonly used as insults. Now we use "retard" as an insult and have replaced it as a medical term with "mentally handicapped" but interestingly I have already seen this term used to derogate others intelligence. In a number of years we will have to replace this term too.

Another example of the euphemism treadmill is the term "colored" which changed to "black" then "African American" and has recently come full circle with the present acceptable version "people of color". Note also that "people of color" is practically identical to the starting term "colored".

1 point

Of course it isn't, rapists are viewed as the scum of the earth by our culture. The only way a person can be more despised than a rapist is by being a child-rapist.

1 point

It's impossible to tell the difference between modern intersectional feminists and parodies of them. They are perfect examples of Poe's law.

About Me

"I'm not here to be belligerent. I prefer the dialectic style to classical debate."

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Name: Winston 
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Other
Country: United Kingdom

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