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 I just want to be an attention whore before I go to work. :) Comments on this picture??? (59)

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Saurbaby(5590) pic

I just want to be an attention whore before I go to work. :) Comments on this picture???


This picture is from about.... four years ago? Anyway, it's from my frist prom. And I'm feeling nostalgic and miss my hair being like that. lol So I wanted comments on it. X)


Seriously though... I'm just really bored waiting for work...

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The land looks awesome .

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True. I find that the photography doesn't grasp it well, though.

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The field across the yard was fun, and woods all around the rest of it, yeah, it was awesome.

Except when the deer were out and we almost hit them e__e Or when there were bear warnings that I never knew if they were real or not. X)

I don't live there anymore though, it's at my parents house. :)

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Lookin' good baby! ;) Damn! You live in the sticks! LOL! Wasn't it you that had the creepy nieghbor that lived down the road?

1 point

Yep, that was me. And I do live in the sticks and hate it :(

My neighbors were the ones that got drunk every night, blasted their music, and at that murder.... >.> Yeah, not a good year. OH, and their dog bit me :(

But I moved from that house :)

Oh, and thank you :3

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Did you find a dress to match your hair, or change your hair to match the dress? ...and does the carpeting match as well?

Lol, cute though. Young, but cute.

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It was kind of both... I already had my hair black and had wanted to put purple into it too, but I didn't do it until after I got the dress.

And my senior prom my dress was black with red, so I did my hair with red to keep up the theme ;)

Yes young... I was in eleventh grade >_< lol But thanks :)

1 point

No offense you look really weird. I am not going to comment on how you look because it might be offensive

Hellno(17743) Disputed
1 point

Then you shouldn't have commented at all if you're not going to comment? But of course you really did comment by saying she looked weird.... Personally I don't see what is so weird?

2 points

Lol, thanks for defending but not necessary, some people just don't like the look, and I have no problem with that. I liked it and that was all that mattered :)

The Phantom(456) Disputed
1 point

But you just did. Im not trying to be rude but that was kinda mean srom.

1 point

Then, honestly, don't comment at all! You won't even support your claim. All you are doing is taking shots at her.

I think that she looks awesome. She has a stunning dress and her highlights in her hair compliment her looks and dress.

1 point

Yeah, I wish he would have just said what he wanted instead of saying that he wouldn't. lol

Or not comment at all. But thanks for defending :)

Thanks for the compliments. :) I was really going all out for my first prom obviously X)

TheThinker(1850) Disputed
1 point

Well there is this thing called the freedom of speech. He has the right to comment. And this doesn't go just for you but for anybody else who thinks Srom shouldn't comment. I don't like it when people say "don't comment then" because in my philosophy, freedom of speech is a natural right. And all comments are welcomed unless neccessary. His comment wasn't necessary due to the title of this debate.

:) God Bless.

Srom(12201) Disputed
1 point

I can comment all I want! Its a debate! You can comment on a debate. There were no specific rules about it. I just said she looked weird thats all. Stop making it a big deal!

Saurbaby(5590) Disputed
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Yeah, some people don't like this kind of look, but I do, or did, no still do. X)

1 point

Dying your hair was a nice touch but the dress itself is nothing short of amazing. And I'm still trying to figure out how you got such a clear complexion for your first prom.

1 point

The dress was actually altered by my boyfriend's grandma, the panel in it was originally white, so I got it changed, and purple sequins were added. A lot of work went into it.

And I have NO idea why my face looked so clear, because usually it wasn't my first two years of high school, and ALL through middle school >_<

But thank you :)

1 point

You play basketball? :D

1 point

<.< I feel like I'm missing a joke here, sorry hon :)

addltd(5100) Clarified
1 point

I was goig to ask the same question...he is referring to the basketball hoop in the background! I was going to make some remark about it as well, but I couldn't think of anything witty so I gave up on trying.

Well i can't make comments without answer the debate. You want me to be honest, i too find you weird looking. Reventon Rage is right. I say make statements with justifications. But i don't want to justify my answer because i don't want to possible bring you down.

I don't like it when people are not totally honest with other people but in my opinion, that depends. Like if your boyfriend was cheating on you, i would tell you. However, when times becomes like this, i don't want to hurt your feelings.

I do like your hair tho. Black with a purple shade. You have a smile that shows how sweet and innocent you are. I don't like the dress. It looks cheap BUT i like the design. See, i don't want to hurt your feelings. lol. Also, i don't think you won't mind, but have you been a goth girl?

1 point

Hon, it was four years ago, I promise I won't be insulted by anything anyone says X)

You find me weird, it's whatever, some people don't like that kind of look, and there's no use in being offended if they don't.

LOL, I was sweet, but I wasn't that innocent then, I mean I was but wasn't at the same time. X) Just starting to lose the innocence. lol

The dress WAS cheap, the purple part on it was originally white, I got it cheap to alter it and did.

Hm, goth girl, kind of yes and kind of no. I liked the goth style, still kind of do, but I never really went full out until prom.

:) I do have to say you look like a girl cool to hang out with. :)

I like the dress. Very cool. I especially like the colors. The color black. I wore a white suit and after the first dance I had makeup on the jacket. But she made up for it later so it was OK ;)

1 point

Oh really? I wonder how she made up for it ;)

Use you imagination. ;)

U said it was only 4 years ago, but I would have guessed it was in the 80's - didn't think anyone wore gel bracelets anymore.

; )

1 point

Oh my god, I was obsessed with those in high school for awhile there.

And they were really popular when I was in middle school. They were called sex bracelets though and each color meant a different act, if someone broke one the act had to be preformed....

Yeah, I didn't do that part. I just liked them X)

1 point

They were called sex bracelets though and each color meant a different act, if someone broke one the act had to be preformed

Kids these days! This is precisely why I fear for the future of the human animal!