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In your misguided arrogance do you dispute the following indisputable facts?

Evolution is a scientific theory based on evidence.
Creationism is a religious belief based on faith.

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I feel the missing link in the theory of evolution is that it's starting point is based on the unproven premise that something can come from nothing, i.e., The Big Bang theory.

From where did the micro dot come that spawned the birth of the mind boggling enormity of Universe, or if Stephen Hawking's last piece of work is to be believed, the Universes?

For that matter how come all that space was conveniently available for the TRILLIONS OF GALAXIES TO EXPAND INTO?

I feel that we all should have long since graduated from the superstitious teachings of a Bronze age book, but from my standpoint the theory of evolution* relies on it's proponents having a lot of FAITH.

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I feel the missing link in the theory of evolution is that it's starting point is based on the unproven premise that something can come from nothing

None of these theories are actually claiming that something can come from "nothing" per se. The scientific thing to do would be to accept that you DON'T KNOW where everything came from whether the big bang theory is correct or not. How can God answer these questions any better than the big bang anyway? What do you think is more likely to simply pop out of nothing? a quantum singularity or a fully developed sentient consciousness with infinite wisdom and power? I don't think any human knows the fundamental origin of existence itself, but I know that quantum fluctuations and singularities are a much more realistic candidate for "first thing ever" than some invisible all powerful spirit creature made of aethereal love juice.

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Antrim(1306) Disputed
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I am of the opinion that the Bible's many authors who were the, well meaning academics of their day, tried to explain the mysteries of The Heavens with their limited knowledge.

These teachings now need to be consigned to the fiction section shelves of the world's libraries.

However, I also feel that the beliefs of those who follow the scriptures should be respected and not scoffed at, I mean, just in case!!

Unfortunately my intellect is of insufficient ability to understand my hero Stephen Hawking's explanation but I am intrigued that he seemed to expound the same theory I was taught in school, being that;- the Universe has no boundaries and the space into which the universe expanded was always there, and will always be there, without end.


The concept of distance and time having boundaries is nigh impossible for me to fully fathom.

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"Creationism is a religious belief based on faith."

Technically it is also based on evidence; the biblical account is evidence. Now, I'm not saying that the biblical account is equal to scientific experimentation, but it is still technically evidence.

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TheDarkLord(61) Disputed
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the biblical account is evidence

That is one of the most asinine things I have heard all day. And trust me, that is saying something, there are THREE black women in the office where I work. The biblical account is not evidence, I could write up some mythology right now and it would be equally credible. Especially if I could convince people to follow a cult based on it and the cult survived for 2000 years.

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WinstonC(1117) Clarified
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So eyewitness testimony is not evidence?

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One is a theory.

One is a book with proof from eyewitness accounts.

One or both could be true.

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I do not dispute that you can't create a new species by a process where when two species mate, the offspring is always infertile.

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They should easily be able to show us the process from an atom to an animal and do a demonstration.

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Why can't Christians easily show us indisputable proof for the existence of a god?

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