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 Is organic food worth buying? Is it really good for us? (5)

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Is organic food worth buying? Is it really good for us?

There has been much debate about what are the benefits of organic food 
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It's better for the environment (debatable when GM comes into play) and it's better for your health as there isn't loads of shite sprayed all over the crops.

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For me, the word "Organic" is really a catch phrase now. Arsenic is technically organic but you sure as hell don't want it. It's great that things labeled organic tend to be grown without the harsh chemicals that are destroying various insect populations (I'm looking at you bees) but again, you have to REALLY do research into who is saying what is organic. Some pesticides may have chemicals to them that are technically organic but if ingested can cause major health issues. It's not a lie, per say.... but hey, organic!!!

So long winded but.....yes it can be worth buying, yes it can be good for us....conditionally. It's much better to grow your own if you can.

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the sad truth is, we will never know until it's too late. They always change their words a decade or two later that something once was good for us is now discovered it's bad or something that was bad for us now discovered it's actually good.

the truth is nobody knows shit, but they know how to make money from not knowing shit.

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At this point there is no practical law that strictly defines the use of the word Organic on most produce. At best most companies can claim non-GMO but even then that's simply a key word.

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I think you are mixing "Natural" which has basically no legal meaning (ref), and "Organic" which definitely does (ref).