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 No Medicaid cuts in health bill (5)

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No Medicaid cuts in health bill

Here are the official numbers. The federal government will spend 393 billion in 2017. The health care bill being debated calls for a 20% INCREASE in Medicaid spending topping out at 464 billion a year in 2026. The Democrats demand a 58% increase by 2026. This is how the Democrats come up with their 772 billion in Medicaid CUTS. It is not a cut, it is a reduction in future growth. Only in government can you spend more money and call it a cut. Try doing that with your house hold budget and people will laugh at you when you say you are massively cutting things even though you are spending more.
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People are going to die in the streets... Bwahahhahahahhahahahahahhahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahhaha!

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Hello bront:

It is not a cut, it is a reduction in future growth.

Not only do you not understand what COLLUSION is, you don't understand what INFLATION is..

Ain't nothing I can DO about that...


excon(8024) Clarified
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Hello forarag:

Pardon me for confusing you with the bront dude..


foratag(257) Clarified
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Considering you do not know me, that was a very ignorant comment to say that I do not know what collusion and inflation are. Where did I mention collusion, BTW.

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Collusion is what happened when Bill Clinton was involved in Chinagate and Hillary Clinton with Ukraine. Confirmation bias was your response to it.

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To quote a cute but stupid conservative: "You can put lipstick on a pig ... it's STILL a pig."!


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Indeed. The Democratic Party has red slop masked all over it. But at least your kids will starve after paying for you to live like a socialist. Cheers.