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foratag(224) Clarified
1 point

The other 10 are rotated. If we follow your logic then eight anti USA members can condemn the USA in any way they please. They can declare the USA a terrorist nation, etc. The USA could get screwed royally if this plan were to go into effect. What good is a UN council if third world shit holes can impose there arcane beliefs on the five biggest nations on the planet.

Dumb idea in every aspect.

foratag(224) Clarified
2 points

You do realize that illegals cost US taxpayers 85 billion dollars a year, do you not? That money can be better spent on our education system and our veterans, don't you think?

foratag(224) Clarified
1 point

Exactly which country is going to shoot off the first nuclear bomb? That question needs to be answered before this discussion can go any further.

foratag(224) Clarified
1 point

It looks like you are one of these climate change alarmists that if the USA does not give hundreds of billions of hard earned middle class tax dollars to third world shit holes to improve their worthless lives then mankind will cease to exist. Is this one of the reasons you think Trump threatens the entire world. Just asking.

foratag(224) Clarified
2 points

You do realize that collusion is not illegal, don't you? Who determines who a foreign enemy is? That is subjective.

4 points

Thank God SCOTUS has ruled numerous times that hate speech is free speech. The moonbats just can't accept it.

3 points

BLM complains about white privilege. If they have such a problem with it then they should move to a country that has black privilege. Africa has approx. 45 countries that are almost all black and the Caribbean has another dozen or so countries that are almost all black. That is a lot of black privilege around the world. They need to pack up their shit and move to where they can be successful if they think white people are holding them back.

foratag(224) Clarified
1 point

Hello birther? Are you mentally okay? Some of your responses would seem to suggest otherwise.

1 point

When you don't list CNN as the number one unreliable source then this debate is already off on the wrong foot, however, all Americans should support our president, no matter who he is, to make the correct decisions that will benefit AMERICANS!

2 points

First things first, California needs to secede from the union. The USA will be much better off when the radicals form their own country. We can then bring in Guam or American Samoa to replace them.

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Winning Position: No Medicaid cuts in health bill
Winning Position: No
Winning Position: yes I believe Bernie
Winning Position: cute

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