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3 points

It is true. One of my favorite sayings is "when you are great, there can be no hate." My self esteem is in the stratosphere, I love myself, and that makes me the best person I can be.

foratag(190) Clarified
2 points

So what you are saying is medicare for all. Okay, I can only interpret that as meaning EVERYONE must pay into it. So you must be in favor of discarding Medicaid, since Medicare is a system everyone pays into to. How are you going to get the dead beats to contribute to their health care? If they are not going to contribute, then they do not receive health care? I can go along with this part!

Medicare for all, medicaid for no one.

2 points

Where did I say anything about transgender? I said men who identify as a woman. And yes it does give certain men an unfair advantage in the restroom or locker room. Ones who are not ashamed and have the courage to go into a restroom or locker room have an unfair advantage when it comes to meeting women to ask out on a date. They have more of an opportunity to meet women by being around them more.

The men do not have to mean it when they say they identify as a woman, as per Obama's comments. All they have to do is say it and it is allowed. Big difference. Of course it is farcical, but Obama opened this can of worms and it needs to be revised.

1 point

If liberals stay consistent in their beliefs, which they do not, then any man who identifies as a woman should be allowed to compete as a woman. If the rest room is okay, then why not sports also.

2 points

The gun that was used to kill the three was the AR 15. Yes, the same gun that Obama and Hillary were trying to ban. I guess the snowflakes would have preferred the guy use his BB gun instead. Thank God for the NRA who are there to protect us.

2 points

What is even more pathetic is their solution. The moonbats have proposed massive new tax increases to recoup the money they are losing by people leaving. I swear, liberalism is a mental disorder.

1 point

As long as we leave Quebec alone. I want no part of those French speaking people. The rest of it we can take. LOL While were at it, we might as well take Greenland also!

3 points


P athetic

R adicals

O bstructing

G uaranteed

R ights

E gotistical

S ocialist

S uppressing

I ndividual

V alues

E liminating

S elf-reliance

3 points

The moonbats have made just about everything about race. What they do not realize is that by doing this they make people immune to these tactics.


American Communist Lawyers Union

Americans Crying Life's Unfair

Anti-Christian Litigation Unit

Atheist Civil Liberties Union

All four apply in my book.

foratag(190) Clarified
2 points

They are the masters at spinning it. They will come up with some bullshit, they always do.

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