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1 point

Their economy sucks because their culture sucks. I think everything through. How old are you. I hope like 12, because if you are an adult I really feel for the ones around you. Have a great day.

1 point

If all cultures are equal, why aren't people knocking down doors to get into Iraq, Somalia, and Venezuela? They are not equal, western culture is superior.

foratag(211) Clarified
1 point

So would sending them back to where they belong. Illegals cost US taxpayers between 85 and 99 billion every year.

foratag(211) Clarified
1 point

Considering you do not know me, that was a very ignorant comment to say that I do not know what collusion and inflation are. Where did I mention collusion, BTW.

foratag(211) Clarified
2 points

I was not talking about people in nursing homes. You should have been able to figure out that I meant people who are of working age and not incapacitated.

3 points

The problem with the Democrats is far too often they equate affordable with free. Just about everyone can afford to pay something every month for health care. Medicaid is abused by far too many. When states started making work mandatory for food stamps the rolls plummeted. The same would happen with Medicaid, make people work and the amount the governments spend would drop drastically.

2 points

I am assuming you have no problem with what Ukraine did with their collusion to help Hillary and the DNC defeat Trump. Ukraine's actions are far worse than anything Russia ever did as far as meetings are concerned. The left wing media does not ever mention it, as far as I know. Big surprise there.

foratag(211) Clarified
3 points

Just out of curiosity, how many of those 190 countries would have supported the Paris agreement if they had to send billions of dollars to other countries instead of inheriting billions.

If 189 countries told Uganda that they had to send billions of dollars to them I seriously doubt Uganda would have agreed to it. You can insert any country you please, but when you are bribed to agree with some thing it holds no value to me what they say. If the USA and China said we will cut our emissions to zero and save the planet, but every country on Earth has to send us as much money as possible, you will not find one country supporting global warming.

Put a million dollars in front of me to say I saw Bigfoot and produce phony evidence to back it up and I will. Money talks, and just about every country is going to benefit from this hoax financially.

foratag(211) Clarified
1 point

Sorry, but numerous scientists in that group of 97% have come out and said they do not belong on that list. There are so many flaws in that finding it is a joke.

The planet has been around for 4.5 billion years, I can assure you there is nothing wrong with it. It has been through much worse than humans and has always come out of every disaster without any problems. The planet is fine.

Wrong, but temperatures have risen MUCH faster many times in the past. Do your home work.

2 points

George Carlin said it all about the environment and global warming.

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Winning Position: No Medicaid cuts in health bill
Winning Position: No
Winning Position: yes I believe Bernie
Winning Position: cute

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