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foratag(197) Clarified
2 points

He is trying to find numbers from an anonymous source that CNN will report.

1 point

There goes the EPL right down the drain. No decent soccer player would play in England when they are being paid peanuts compared to Italy, Spain, or Germany.

1 point

If Democrats stopped shooting people gun violence would drop by 90%. Another day goes by without an NRA member killing anyone. Isn't that something.

foratag(197) Clarified
1 point

Outlaw, have you not figured it out yet. EVERYTHING a liberal demands is in the Constitution. You just have to stick your nose in a little deeper and find it. LOL

1 point

Sorry it is China, get your facts straight. China is at 30% and the USA is at 15%. We are still reducing them and will continue to do so.

foratag(197) Clarified
1 point

You mean like spending a 100 trillion dollars over the next 100 years to move the temperature .03 degrees. Talk about getting your moneys worth. LOL The Earth itself will move it much more than that all by its own. Cooler, then warmer, then cooler, etc. It is just as likely the average temperature in 100 years will be a few degrees cooler than it is now with humans doing absolutely nothing.

2 points

Don't worry, the next libtard that opens his/her mouth will say something even more foolish, just give it time.

1 point

The Paris agreement was a massive transfer of wealth from rich countries to poor countries, nothing more, nothing less. If the other 200 countries are so concerned about saving the planet they will find a way to reduce their emissions without US funds. The US has drastically reduced our emissions over the past 12 years and we will continue to do so. We do not need an agreement to do our part, we already are.

2 points

What absolutely baffles me is how liberals claim we cannot afford 12 billion to build the "Great Wall" but we can afford to send hundreds of billions of dollars to third world shit holes. Which one is it? Do we have the money or not?

2 points

The USA is on track to meet its carbon reduction set forth by the Copenhagen talks in 2009. We will have lowered it by 16.3 percent from 2005 levels by 2020. The USA doesn't need to be in the Paris agreement to reduce it.

All this Paris agreement is is a massive transfer of wealth from rich countries to poor countries. 100 billion a year starting in 2020. Why should US taxpayers subsidize third world shit holes?

I love how they say over 200 nations are in agreement. Yea, well how many would be in favor of it if they had to give money instead of receiving it.

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