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Would the US be better off if Al Gore won the official election in 2000?


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Probably... I mean after he invented the internet, can you imagine the wonders he could have invented? We'd all be running our cars on corn, his wife would have once and for all banned gansta rap, global warming would be solved and we'd have our first fat President since Taft! Damn! It would have been wonderful.

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Absolutely. After Gore would have shown that he was completely terrible for the job, we would have had 3 straight Republican terms to fix everything and no Obama. One term of Gore to avoid 2 terms of Obama would have been worth it. :)

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I don't think Al Gore would have caused an economic recession nor get America involved in military action in the Middle East.

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No, we most sertenly would not be beter off. Bush was not great but, beter then Al Gore.

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Troy8(2431) Clarified
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Is this guy for real? I think my IQ just dropped 5 points.

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Are you serten?

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W-what? What are you talking about, be more clear, please.

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....I didn't even notice it until you pointed it out .

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