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bronto is way smarter than Conservanazi


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A deax roach in a pile of bacon grease is smarter than nom. What prize do I get?

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FactMachine/Nom has likely got a slightly higher IQ than Brontoraptor/GuitarGuy but I'm not really sure that when applied to fruition that it will be much more. Brontoraptor seems much more capable of dealing with human beings socially even more so than his counterparts, Antrim, Dermot and Dana (the one with the pink hat).

Unlike the other heavily socially conservative preachers, Brontoraptor is very blatantly the kind of guy who in real-life is decent and bottles up his rage, a sophisticated psychopath you could say. On the other hand, Antrim and Dermot are likely cruel even in person and the most blatant sociopaths surface-level brutes you could come across (classic schoolyard bully as kids) and Dana was likely always the one they picked on who has decided that she will join them so she doesn't feel 'less than them'.

Brontoraptor has a higher EQ than FactMachine/Nom but the inverse in IQ is very likely true and equally so.

I'd rank them as functionally equal in intelligence because intelligence without fruition is basically the same value as stupidity.

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Factology(415) Disputed
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So I'm smarter and more stupid than bronto at the same time and also equally smart because even though I'm smarter than him he has more people skills.

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Mingiwuwu(1713) Clarified
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Yes, and your lack of EQ is going to cause you to say it isn't important in life. :)

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