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they wont be able to rape agai cruel and does not work
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should rapist punishment be castration

Should rapist be castrated as a form of punishment and if they rape more than ones they should have thier gential removed all of it .

they wont be able to rape agai

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cruel and does not work

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I could agree in a very limited specific scenario of rape. Violent rape of a stranger, maybe after already being convicted several times. Yeah, sure.

I would never support it for cases which are simply statutory rape where someone not of legal age could not consent though maybe they intended to. Nor for someone who used no violence to do it.

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Hello john:

Nahhh.. Nutless men still get boners...


PS> (edited) Ahhh.. I see you meant to chop it ALL off.. That's MORE than castration.

But, even if a rapist has no dick, he'll just use a broomhandle.. Rape is NOT about sex.. It's about POWER.


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john1234(27) Disputed
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If rapist have no testicles of penis and still goes on to use other things to rape they should be lock up

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I agree that the punishment for rape generally appears rather lenient but this is too much. Imagine if we acted this way with other crimes that were facilitated by a body part. Theft - lose your hands, libel - lose your tongue, etc. These are archaic punishments that aren't as humane or effective as attempting to rehabilitate the individual while removing them from society for a given time.

Rehabilitation serves an obvious goal but removal from society isn't simply a punishment. The death penalty removes criminals from society permanently so that they cannot continue to violate laws and thereby harm others or the society. Imprisonment provides a more humane version of this by removing the criminals from society without killing them. By temporarily or permanently removing criminals from society we protect the society and it's citizens from whatever deeds the criminals might have committed during that period.

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