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addltd's Reward Points: 5117

Points When What Where
1 Created Debate Test debate
2 High Rated Argument IS DEBATING USEFUL?
1 Added Argument Should you publicly share being raped?
1 Added Argument Create debate has very myopic debates and debators
1 Added Argument Co-Parenting: Would You Do It?
1 Added Argument Search Engines anyone?
1 Added Argument Nomenclature dares me to post his IP address
1 Added Argument North Korea vs USA
1 Added Argument Should being using a secure connection?
2 Added Argument This platform/website needs a new feature
1 Added Argument are the users on this site good or bad
1 Added Argument Why is Pedophilia Wrong READ MY DEBATE BEFORE YOU ANSWER
1 Added Argument Where is Outlaw60?
2 High Rated Argument Who is the dominant sex
5 Created Debate Is it unreasonable to ask members of the site to modify their use of the "N" word?
3 High Rated Argument Was Ned Kelly a victim?
1 Added Argument what in your assumption of bronto's secret of staying on top of the weekly leade
1 Added Argument You're fired
1 Added Argument Do video games ever cause a child to go bananas in real life?
1 Added Argument What's happening to Create Debate ?
1 Added Argument Young Liberals listen to this man... bwahahhahhahhahha! But Seriously...
0 Added Argument Should FromWithin Be Permanently Prohibited From Moderating Debates?
1 Added Argument Should any debate topic be allowed on this website?
1 Added Argument Make more admins or moderators!

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