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chatturgha's Reward Points: 1643

Points When What Where
1 High Rated Argument Is communism good or bad?
10 High Rated Argument Hey look, upvotes! IT IS BEING SUCCESSFUL, KEEP RETURNING!
1 High Rated Argument Do you agree that people should pay attention to their culture and traditions?
1 High Rated Argument Should Boys and girls be able to kiss in school
1 High Rated Argument violence on TV, in films and in video games
1 High Rated Argument should violent video games be allowed to play?
1 Added Argument Is American Christmas about Santa or Jesus
1 Added Argument New people for or pro
1 Added Argument Satanism vs Christianity
1 Added Argument Should armed guards be placed in schools?
6 Added Argument Shall we eradicate age restriction laws on tobacco, alcohol, and firearms?
1 Added Argument Irritating things about...
1 Added Argument God of The Gaps
-1 Downvoted Argument Will humans ever fully understand the universe?
3 Added Argument Which side Government or No government
1 Added Argument Do You Worry or Care About Your Reputation on CreateDebate?
1 Added Argument Have theists *really* gotten this... unintelligent?
1 Added Argument Why Do Atheists Always Try To Disprove The Existence Of God?
5 Added Argument Will humans ever fully understand the universe?
2 Added Argument Will humans ever fully understand the universe?
1 Added Argument Is TVs more dangerous than guns?
1 Added Argument Should women be allowed in Special Forces or the Navy Seals, or the Infantry?
1 Added Argument Should America provide more support for single parents?
8 Added Argument SPOTLIGHT SERIES - chatturgha

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