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1 Added Argument When you see a Downs Syndrome child in the Mall, do you cover your kid's eyes & ears?
4 Added Argument Have you noticed how Liberals always ignore the actual point of Conservative debates?
1 Added Argument Do Gay Men Have A Special Duty to Protect Children?
1 Added Argument To all the anti Christian bigots on this site, ask yourself why you so dislike Christians.
1 Added Argument Do I deserve to die and burn in Hell forever?
2 Added Argument So called Moderate Muslims do what so called Liberal Christians do. Twist their reigion.
1 Added Argument Fox in freefall as Rachel Maddow beats Fox news for an entire week in the ratings
4 Added Argument Why is it wrong to kill a newborn baby? (If it is)
4 Added Argument The feminist pro gay/Islam problem for the left
1 Added Argument Can you imagine if Liberals were in control of America when Hitler was spreading his evil?
1 Added Argument I keep hearing the Left tell us how nations who ban guns have a smaller % of gun deaths.
2 Added Argument I'm still waiting for one Progressive on this site to address State sponsered hate speech.
1 Added Argument If there were Shakespeare plays killing Obama, what do you suppose the Left would say?
2 Added Argument If there were Shakespeare plays killing Obama, what do you suppose the Left would say?
1 Added Argument Would I be guilty of a crime??
4 Added Argument If a German knew Hitler was gassing Jews, and then voted to keep Hitler in power.....
2 Added Argument The Paris accord is another example of why I say the Left wants a one world Government.
1 Added Argument If you were running for pres and you discovered a foreign country was HELPING you,
1 Added Argument Hillary proven guilty, no prosecutor. Nothing on Trump but NOW they want prosecutor?
2 Added Argument Should abortion be illegal?
1 Added Argument Abortion.
1 Added Argument If God is possible what logic is there in being Atheist?
4 Added Argument Is the death penalty a good or bad thing?
0 Added Argument If men were really monkeys, who created the first monkey?

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