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10 most recent arguments.

They NEVER show any Gay animals but rather animals who would mount anything when aroused.

What would constitute a 'gay' animal? Also, I'm still confused. What exactly are you trying to prove by this line of questioning? Helping me understand that will help me to answer your questions.

I don't live in the past or what some State supported in the past. If you want to attack Christians, live in the here and now and explain what they are doing today.

Ah yes, the long ago past of 15 years ago. There's no reason why anyone would think that any of the policies from 15 years ago could suggest anything about the way people think today.

I looked into the reasonings of people who support killing other innocent human unborn babies, as much as you looked into those who supported Slavery.

So no then.

I'm sorry, if you're unwilling to even consider why someone might have supported slavery beyond your own assumptions, that's a huge problem. You can't just say "something is wrong, and I don't need to show why."

Yes, I have looked into the reasons of those who supported slavery. And I've also read the Roe v Wade decision. Since it's so repugnant to you, I suggest you read it too.

Roe V Wade never meant it to go as far as the Democrat Party has taken it with No Restriction abortions for any reason up to birth.

I'm still confused by this line of argument. Don't you say life begins at conception, so therefor late term aboritons and early term abortions have the same effect? I know you've said that you're trying to illustrate how 'far gone' the left is in your mind, but you do seem to think that it is far worse to have a late term abortion than an early term one. Is the fetus 'more' human later on?

Do you care about the reasoning of slave traders and why they did what they did, and why politicians kept it legal? Do you think their reasoning could ever convince you that slavery is ok?

Yes, I do care, a lot. And I don't think the reasoning could convince me, but if you are too afraid to even consider what that reasoning is, that's enormously problematic.

Hang on, do you honestly think that mothers who choose to abort Downs Syndrome children do so just because they're 'diverse' from other kids and they're repulsed by them?

Raising a special needs child can cost upwards of a quarter of a million dollars. The fiscal and emotional toll that it takes on a family and child is beyond enormous.

I know that this doesn't excuse for you what you see as murder, but when you say it's happening just because they "fear people being different," you are, to use one of your favorite words, horribly deceptive.

One thing I'd like to reiterate, because I think you skipped over it, but up until 2003, gay sex was still illegal in 14 states in America, and for hundreds of years before that, this 'Christian nation' was totally okay with that. That was less than 15 years ago. Again, even if you don't think it's the case, do you see why gay people might feel like Christians are totally down to "deny them their freedom to have partners" and the like?


And we've done this before, and I'm sure you'll breeze over all of this, but you mentioned national geographic so:

2004 National Geographic Article about homosexuality in animals.

2009 Review on homosexuality in animals

Articles not enough for you? Here's a documentary with some footage.

And if you want a compilation of some of these reports with more information so you can go evaluate it for yourself, here you go.


I'm also genuinely curious, have you read any of the case of Roe v. Wade? Do you know why the decisions that were made were made? What flaws do you find in the majority opinion? I know that you disagree with the claim that this should ever be okay, but did you ever look in to the legal arguments that made it legal?

They instantly spew out absolute lies of how Christians are homophobic and supposedly hate Gays, and want them to end up in Hell, and judge them for their sin, and want to deny them their freedom to have partners, etc. etc.

Up until 2003, gay sex was still illegal in 14 states in America, and for hundreds of years before that, this 'Christian nation' was totally okay with that. That was less than 15 years ago. Do you see why gay people might be skeptical that those sentiments just disappeared?

THEY LIE AND DISTORT THE FACTS by repeating the same lies of how there are Gay animals in nature. Complete lie. There are no Gay animals in nature but they have spewed the lie so many times, people actually swallow it as fact.

1) What evidence would you need to prove to you that there are gay animals in nature? What do you need to see, and I can do some research and see if it exists.

2) What would that prove, either way?

When Christians and Conservatives speak out against No Restriction abortions, Liberals know that they have no leg to stand on when debating this issue, so what do they do? LIE AND DISTORT THE TRUTH AS ALWAYS!

Amazingly, regardless of what you think democratic legislators and voters want, to say that they truly support access to late term abortions for any reason is deceptive.

No one is trying to legally require you to believe that homosexuality is 'normal' or 'natural.' Unfortunately, your argument that this is the case is not currently convincing enough for lawmakers to make it illegal for gay people to exist in the public world.

Morally, we can have a conversation about why you think gay people should just pretend to not exist and who they are hurting when they do exist in the public world, but you're not making any of those arguments. You're just saying that it's unnatural and abnormal and therefor is the same thing as raping animals and corpses.

I am treating others as I would have them treat me.

If I insulted people simply for their religious beliefs, I would expect the same.

Then you're not a true Christian, by your own definition.

Matthew (5:38-42)

God says the words in the Bibe were enspired by God. They were not opinions of man.

Um, but how do you know God said that the words in the Bible were inspired by God? Is it cuz... it's in the bible? Do you really see no problem with that?

You are correct. Many christians and muslims and jews and people of all religions do not take the word of their holy book completely literally. Do we really wanna play the game of me finding bible verses that you don't take literally?

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