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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

Shutting up can be very therapeutic if you have a tendency to talk an incredible amount of crap.

So go ahead.

1 point

The "story" is literally about how one in ten Swedes has private health insurance.

So 10%, otherwise known as millions of people.

So what?

So the system isn't really self sufficient is it Nom?

1 point

In other words you are unable to prove me wrong. Big surprise there.

0 points

I provided a left wing site that claims it knows about something it admits it has never seen.


I also provided you the actual Mueller report with redactions. None have anything to do with Trump according to the markings.


3 points

Right. Their big case for impeachment, seeing you can't indict a sitting President for a crime, will be unprovable obstruction of an investigation of a "crime" that is proven in the report to have never happened. And they'd have to sell it to a Republican Senate to get him impeached and convicted to oust him.


A hail Mary pass has a better shot.

Rule barring indicting sitting Presidents amp=true

To convict an accused, "the concurrence of two thirds of the Senate is required. offenses

Political groups

Republican (53 members)

Democratic (45 members)

Independent (2 members)

You learned something today nom.

1)A little bit about the U.S. process

2)That you are an uneducated clown.

2 points

So no right winger hurting a granny, and a need to ban me because no right winger attacked a granny.

Pretty pathetic Nom. You're as bad a debater as I've ever seen. Perhaps you should try a preschool site so you can keep pace.

1 point


Well let's see here.

1)Illegal gets close to the border.

2)Drone spots them.

3)Illegal crosses border anyway.

4)Drone does nothing because it's a drone.

The end.

If only there had been a wall. Then the drone could have alerted border patrol as they tried to scale it with their children, which could take anywhere from several minutes to hours, or they can't even physically get across.

"Crazy Trump" IS nuts! Egotistically maniacal

He's quoting what Border Patrol and Democrats said for the last 40 years.

Let's not forget to mention, with all the other "records", the RECORD DEBT he is running up

He's not even almost near running up as much debt as the last two Presidents. He's not even in the ballpark.


Citation of data needed and a reason for why I should care that it pisses Europe off to be called out for using us.

2 points

Democrats are STILL against "illegal immigration

Right. That's why libs in power call a barrier immoral, create sanctuary cities, and send lawyers to the border to coach illegals on what to say to loophole the law.

A YUGE drug bust happened last week, it happened at a "legal port of entry"!

You just proved the logic on why we want to force people to have to go through legal ports of entry with walls.

that's why Nancy and Tom, Dick and Harry (all Democrats) are offering BILLIONS for EFFECTIVE immigration control …

Border Patrol says they need walls to buy them time to catch the border jumper.

Border Patrol sector chief: I’ll call it ‘fence’ if I have to, but I could use some of it of-it

Border Patrol Chief: 'We Certainly Need a Wall, Any Agent Will Tell You That'

So should I believe border patrol, who deal with patroling the border every day, or you, who lives no one near the border, doesn't have to deal with patroling the border, and doesn't know your head from your ass?

Guess who I pick.

1 point

Trump is NUTS! You KNOW that, right?

Cool. This is my argument against every left winger in office. Now what?

2 points

We JUST added 304,000 new jobs last month. And, that's in spite of the shutdown..

Not really a good argument for supporting more government in our lives, eh Con?

We've had 100 straight months of job growth..

The Trump Manufacturing Jobs Boom: 10 Times Obama's Over 21 Months

Comparing pennies to dollars, eh Con?

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