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RSS Waylife

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1 point

List of Nom dupe accounts

That's nice. Let's believe the pathological liar with over one hundred and fifty confirmed alt accounts who twenty minutes ago was literally quoting Hitler speeches.

1 point

The obvious thing in your statement is you don't deny the claim.

The obvious thing in your reply is that you don't understand the meaning of words. Open Google and look up "fake news", then come back and tell us if "fake news" is real. If someone calls something "fake news" and you come back with, "you don't deny the claim", then you expose yourself categorically as an illiterate fucking imbecile.

2 points

Your own link.

His own link entitled "democratic socialism"? That link? The link whose title makes absolutely clear that you are completely wrong? Is that the link you are talking about?

1 point

Everything you say or do is immoral because you're a cancerous little Nazi whose own children hate him.

1 point

With extremely dark, brown skin.

Everything you say, write or imply is a fucking lie.

“I’m Mexican!” a “bewildered” Godinez said he shouted while being attacked and called a “white supremacist.”

Furthermore, there is no proof any of this mob had any connection to Antifa, so you are lying about that too. Basically, you're a fucking liar.

12 people with alleged ties to antifa

The outcome of this trial has not even been decided. What a fucking joke your neo-Nazi propaganda is, Bronto.

You lying, cancerous little cockroach.

1 point

Atheists do NOT believe in a deity, nor do they believe in Satan. If they were practicing Satanism then they by default would NOT be Atheists. It's seriously that easy.

Absolutely Mint. Bronto is in Nazi propaganda mode again.

1 point

I'm pretty sure Nom condemns him.

He's a blathering, bigoted moron. I don't dislike him on a personal level, it's just that -- like many on this site -- he's thicker than toothpaste and has absolutely no idea about it.

Earlier MathFan attacked me on the basis of his own prediction that I don't like Tommy Robinson, therefore I must be a dick. And it really was a prediction, because he's never asked me about it.

MathFan clearly has not researched this guy enough to notice he is the ex head of the English Defence League, which is literally classified by the Metropolitan Police as a terrorist group. They are an obnoxious bunch of right wing yobs who used to go out in large, intimidating mobs and film themselves abusing Muslims. MathFan evidently has only seen the new, more polished version of Tommy Robinson since the twit got out of prison.

Oh, and if that weren't enough, he was also a member of the BNP, which is a literal fascist group.

2 points

You should try arguing against my position rather than against your predetermination of my position.

Your "position" was a very purposeful deflection of the point. You tried to misrepresent a commonly accepted divide between right and left into something pertinent only to you personally, on account of the fact that I had used you as an example of this rule in action. As I explained the first time, by falsely claiming this divide does not apply to you personally, you do not counter the fact that the divide exists and proves that change is not value neutral.

Why are you responding exactly as I predicted you would respond? One would expect anybody with half an iota of intelligence to do the opposite.

Then again, that's not you, is it?

Well, you’ve accepted one part of my argument, good job.

That's the second time you have misrepresented the same quote by purposefully omitting the second half.

I want you to remember this conversation the next time you claim my assertions about your dishonesty are "baseless".

You are laughable, Amarel. So wrapped up in your own ego that it makes you vulnerable and weak.

2 points

“Obviously change is value neutral“

Don't deliberately misrepresent my quotations, Amarel. What I said was:"Obviously change is value neutral -- if you automatically discount all forms of change which are not value neutral." Milk is also black. If you automatically discount all milk which is not black.

Ultimately, you must always resort back to misrepresentation because you are not intelligent enough to structure a credible argument. That is just the cold reality of the matter.

2 points

I have direct contact to alien demigods

I want you to think really hard about whether this is actually true.

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