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RSS Ironman34698

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while there are many good policeman around, the ones that are making the news are giving a good impression of what is going on around the country. being white, myself, I don't see it as much. however, talking to African Americans around me ( even some other whites) in the Tampa bay area, they see things very differently. Tampa is another example, one of many in America, where the police are known to use excessive force on a consistent basis. maybe small towns are an exception, but in big cities violent police are becoming far too common

yes, I believe we are. following comments on CNN, and other new sources like FOX I see a growing amount of racial hatred. blacks blaming whites, whites blaming blacks. instead of dealing with what's going on, everyone wants to blame everyone else and make excuses. football players standing up for rights. thousands marching across the country. police killing unarmed people. this has gotten way out of hand, and not much is being done. our government seems to want to throw this under the rug, and pretend like its not happening. well, it is and we have to face it before things really get out of hand.

ironman34698(235) Clarified
1 point

the homosexual person who believes this is simply denying reality, just like an alcoholic who denies he is responsible for what he chooses to do. by using the word 'orientation' you seem to be using another word for thoughts, and it has already been scientifically proven that nothing can force a person to think a certain way. even in situations where a person is forcibly moved to believe something by outside forces, within that persons subconscious they have a strong tendency to deny whatever it is they are being forced to believe.

state of being is who you are based on your thoughts. the actions one takes is based on your thoughts and is the end result of your state of being. anyone can have a multitude of thoughts, some of which are not in our character but it is our choice whether or not to act upon them. so, in essence, what I am saying is choosing your orientation is no different than choosing what type of cereal you eat in the morning. we all wake up with choices to make every day and we can alter those choices accordingly. those choices can vary, even though we have preferences. the choices we make that lead to our actions are based on our state of being. actions are simply the revealing of what's inside, and what's inside we can choose or not choose to act upon.

ironman34698(235) Clarified
1 point

well, he would have to keep them in character ( for a more realistic outcome) so morality is turned on. standard urban setting and criteria for victory would be to bring the other into submission

ironman34698(235) Clarified
1 point

there are many things not covered as sins.....such as? also keep in mind, there are statutes listed in the Torah, that deal with " lesser sins."

chips over popcorn, chips over sweets....just give me the nacho cheese, baby!

ironman34698(235) Clarified
1 point

according to my understanding, the two best places to look at in the Bible for your litmus test would be #1 exodus 20 and the Ten Commandments and #2 Matthew 5 where Jesus redefines them. also, in Galatians 5:16-26 Paul lists them.

ironman34698(235) Clarified
1 point

....obeying your parents, not being harsh with your wife or children, listening to your boss at work ( whether they're looking or not), see, I grew up in the church and am fairly knowledgeable on the Bible. one thing is certain, whether you believe the Bible or not. there are some things that it is very clear on.

ironman34698(235) Clarified
1 point

....not to mention anger, lust, divorce, oaths, retaliating, loving enemies, giving to the poor, worrying, judging others, repentance, blaspheming the holy Spirit, sleeping with prostitutes, being a lazy worker....

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"Born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA. Served in army as a 13b."

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Name: steve 
Gender: Male
Age: 46
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Independent
Country: United States
Postal Code: 34698

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