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Commies say burn it down while critisizing "insurrection"


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Commies say burn it down while critisizing "insurrection"

Hello M:

It IS true, the left burned down a couple shoe stores in Seattle and Portland... That's bad...

But, MAGA ATTACKED the nations capitol.. That's an act of war..


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Amarel(5567) Clarified
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They did attack the Capitol and it was meant as an act of war. That's worse than attacking other buildings in other riot situations. But making that point doesn't require downplaying the destruction of the riots that raged for months across the country.

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Mangojuice(149) Disputed
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Curious how armed takeover of Seattle and the looting of the common man's businesses isn't an act of war, but unarmed men let into the capitol by police got just a liitle close to your god, the state.

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Mint_tea(4647) Disputed
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A few things wrong with your claim. The police did not "let them into the capitol building", and the fanatics were not "unarmed".

It's also curious how Blue lives matters, but apparently only if it's the other side putting the police in danger.

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Gypsee(347) Disputed
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The standard for a threat in the US isn’t being armed remember?

Many unarmed black people died because they were considered threats.

I do agree though that these products of incest who raided the Capitol were let in by the police who all of sudden forgot how to use their gun. One point for you.

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AlofRI(3287) Clarified
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Apparently, there WERE some "insurrectionists" within the police. They have, or will, be punished as they should be! But then, we have often seen police do bad things, most often with impunity! Not here! They are the ones who give police a bad name, one the large majority of which do not deserve! They didn't get even a little close to YOUR "god", He was cowering in the White House, likely in its safe bunker, enjoying his show! Your "god" said he'd march with his minions up Pennsylvania Avenue to do his dirty deed. He DIDN'T! He was whisked away to his safe house while others did his dirty work .... and are now facing the music. It's no longer HIS FBI, it will be returned to the defence of the country after the deserved inauguration is over. The FBI that YOUR "god" pissed off! It's an agency that is famous for its long memory. Bad luck to you, "god"!

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Bronto, you are just a clown pal. It doesn't matter which account you use, your bullshit is always the same.

This is how you describe left wing protests:-

armed takeover of Seattle and the looting of the common man's businesses

And this is how you describe right wing protests:-

unarmed men let into the capitol by police

It's so ridiculous I'd be laughing were it not for the fact that I know you are actually trying to persuade people with this absurd nonsense. You are a far right political extremist. Hell, you were probably on the front lines at the Capitol riot because that's exactly the sort of militant dickhead you are.

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I don't know what "commies" had to do with it, except maybe spiking mango juice with Vodka.

How does one NOT criticize "insurrection" against one's country?? Anger at the killing of its citizens, over and over, without a lick of punishment, is supposed to be something we just "IGNORE"? (Sorry, didn't mean to bring back horrible memories FromWithin .... ;-). THAT WILL incite anger, and it doesn't require a SPEECH to do it! That was spontaneous anger caused by ABUSE of power! What we are seeing now is spontaneous anger by a DIFFERENT power over a different abuse! This abuse not against a particular race! This abuse is against a particular COUNTRY! OURS! Commies be damned .... along with today's Fascists in our White House! :-(

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You're just upset because you didn't get to be a part of the Great American Riot.

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