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RSS Victor01

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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

Kind of neither, but I like starbust better than skittles. Snickers is the best.

1 point

Have no clue who they are, but go with John, his last name sounds way cooler.

1 point

Pardon me, I do not usually say these kinds of things, but this is the stupidest thing I have ever heard.

No one has the right to make that decision for an individual.

1 point

Nope. Never. My arm will never get tired, I've done wayyyyyy too many push-ups for that to happen, and my arms are flexible enough for me to wash my back in the shower.

2 points

It makes sense. As of right now, the TSA is patting down little kids.......does that make sense to anyone? A white five year old getting patted down for having milk in his backpack while there is a middle eastern man/woman who could be more of a suspect than the little kid.

1 point

Only if it's animated? Animations today are close to looking like reality. In fact it does not matter whether the children are animated or squiggles, I don't care, it's wrong to watch/create child pornography.

There are children in real life that go through human trafficking and have tapes made of them by scoundrels that have no decency or morality. Animated child pornography is the same thing as the real thing. It is the still the same concept and its absolutely sick.

To watch child pornography is beyond a disturbed mind. There can be no reason for it, except to have some sort of harm on a child.

1 point

Since its the woman who has to deal with the feeling of guts being ripped out of her womb, and feeling like someone has punched her in the stomach a hundred time, and then left there to bleed...........I am pretty sure that its the woman who should have the most say.

Btw...the above description is not a personal one, but one described by a friend

2 points

Which in no way point to athiests having Schizophrenia, besides science is not a view of theories, but proof. The Bible is a theory.

1 point

"If she cared enough to allow him inside her body then I'm sure there is a big enough chance of his managing to sway her decision."

What about a woman who did not have a choice to care, one who was perhaps raped?

2 points

I guess that means that I should be dead right now................................

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