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Golden Oldies: Does God Exist?

In an effort to revive the site I will try to put up a few good general topic debates. These will likely be things that veterans of the site have rehashed 50 times. But seeing as we are catering to new users, might as well bring some back.

Probably or Certainly

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Probably not or Certainly Not

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I do not think a rational person can maintain a belief in God. There is no evidence of a God other than individual anecdotal experiences and the nature of the world indicates that if God did exist, he is either evil or powerless.

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Good Idea!

Speaking as a golden oldie ;-), it doesn't in MY world. Total mythology. I do respect the belief(s) of others, though, Christian Jew, Muslim …. whatever.

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ThePeanut(13) Disputed
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I do respect the belief(s) of others, though, Christian Jew, Muslim …. whatever.

I don't. I think those people are idiots. I have no respect for their antiquated and ridiculous beliefs, any more than I would have respect for someone who believes the Earth is the centre of the universe or the Moon is made of cheese. For some reason, when it comes to religion, we are bullied into "respecting" farcical notions which under any other circumstances would be laughed at and ridiculed.

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AlofRI(2796) Clarified
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I respect YOUR right to YOUR belief also and I believe in much of what you said. On the other hand, I don't feel, or agree, with your attitude toward others who have the right to their own thoughts. I'm totally against what I consider brainwashing by religious leaders and "educators", but, I don't interfere with others beliefs. For sure I give my opinion OF their beliefs. I object to their (IMO), overstepping their bounds …. like putting up religious symbols on public property, like their forcing the "In God We Trust" and "So Help Me God" symbolism on our money and in our courts, but I "respect" their right to do whatever in their own environment …. as long as it's within Constitutional law. I even believe YOU can think and feel as you do. I have the right to disagree with you and I DO , WHERE I do. I would not swear on a Bible in court, I would swear on the Constitution, to do otherwise would be dishonest at best. I would be swearing on a book of lies, again, IMO.

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FromWithin(7636) Disputed
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