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1 point

Do not bring up the illegality of sex with kids. That is not the point of this discussion. The point is that you believe men having unnatural attractions for other men is perfectly normal and natural, but that other group's attractions are twisted, even when they do not break the law.

Look, strictly, all attractions that happen in nature can be semantically referred to as "natural". The issue is an issue of the social contract. Homosexuality does not breach the social contract, where people have choice, rights, and obligations.

Pedarasty does breach that contract: kids can't consent. Adult gay men can.

I am also of the opinion that transgenderism is a psychological ailment, unless there is biological mitigating factors for example androgen insensitivity syndrome or chromosomal anomaly.

That said, being transgender in and of itself does not breach the social contract, either. A man wants to physically become like a woman: the only person it might hurt is himself. A gay man consents to sex with another gay man, they hurt nobody. A pedarast rapes a kid, who is unable to consent: that harms the kid.

That's why one is fine and the other isn't.

If you haven't got the sense to understand that, I pity you.

1 point

Finally you admitted it! You said and I quote.... "There are treatment programs for people who are attracted to kids."

So you believe that a pedophile's attraction towards children, that he says he was born with, is something that can be treated?

Something that SHOULD be treated. Homosexuality is different: I see no need for it to be "treated".

So now we have hypocrites like you, who would be called Pedophobic for not embracing Pedophiliacs who never act on their attractions. You are saying EXACTLY what we have been saying about Homosexuality for decades. It is not a natural sexual orientation to be a pedophile even if they are born that way, and even if they never act out on their twisted attractions toward kids

Except I have no reason to believe that homosexuality is unnatural, or harmful to society. Even if paedophilia were "natural" in the sense that it occurs in nature, it harms human society.

Homosexuality doesn't.

1 point

He's saying that by appealing to semantic arguments you've shown yourself to have misunderstood the substance of the statements. And I'm inclined to agree with him.

1 point

It depends what you mean.

Should people who want to marry, be allowed to marry? Yes.

Is love and marriage to someone an automatic right? No. Someone has to agree to marry you.

2 points

Gee what a shock, another bigoted Gay person who absolutely hates Christianity because it does not agree with his unnatural lifestlye

I'm straight.

Insecure? You sound like a vulgar child having a temper tantrum over people who do not embrace your unnatural sex

I'm straight.

I wonder if pedophiles live with insecurity over people not agreeing with their unnatural attraction for children

Homosexuality and paedophilia are two different things.

They also say they are born that way, and even though they refuse to act out on their attraction for children, people do not call it another natural sexual orientation

They may very well be born that way, but those who act on their impulses harm society by forcing sex on unconsenting children. That is a crime, and a moral wrong.

Why is that? They say they have no choice over their attraction towards children

Regardless, children can't consent.

Why do people judge them for something they say they have no control over?

Because sexually assaulting children is morally wrong.

We all know it is against the law to have sex with children, but they are attacked for merely having the attraction. Why?

Attraction doesn't necessarily preclude action. There are treatment programmes for people who are attracted to kids. But the moment one of these people acts on their attraction, they have committed a crime and a moral wrong.

I guess when people have unnatural attractions and fetishes for things, we don't all embrace it as natural and normal. Stop being a hypocrite when speaking out against Pedophiles (not acting on their fetish), who say they have no control or choice for their attractions

Like I said, pedarasty harms society. Children can't consent.

Homosexually does no such harm.

1 point

People don't make strides in science because they are financially incentivised to do it. They do it for the love of the career.

But you wouldn't know. Because you are an ├╝ber right wing ultra religious fucking nitwit. You don't know what science is. Scientific advance has happened IN SPITE of your fucking backwards religion, and every scientific advance that we are trying to make currently is HINDERED by your fucking backwards religion. You literally believe that a book written mostly by mentally deficient shepherds in one corner of a vast universe, is the meaning of existence. What the FUCK do you know about science and human progression??

Stop talking about things you know nothing about, you silly cunt.

3 points

An economic paradigm where the electorate have the supreme power over (thus the ownership of) the economy and the economic direction the country takes, with constitutional values that put standard of living for the many as the central economic objective.

2 points

That is actually a very balanced and fair view, and I agree with you on it 100%.

2 points

Yes, you do reserve the right to express and are entitled to hold your own beliefs. I have never denied that.

1 point

Hierarchy? lol yes we are the dreaded illuminati and have a military chain of command (sarcasm).

I make my own mind up.

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