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1 point

Suicide in Japan is to do with shame culture. We're not talking about Japan. We're talking about America. The country doesn't give a fuck about its citizen's healthcare, or its children's safety. Hence why surgery bankrupts and psychos can freely and legally buy assault rifles.

How about actually have counsellors for young people and adopt social and working standards that allow for parents to be present at home instead of working all the hours they can fit in? That seems like a good place to start. And while you're at it, stop selling guns to mentally deranged people.

3 points

What you're trying to do is called false extrapolation. You're de-contextualizing the question from the real contexts you wish to apply it to. In general, a negative can be proven if the negative is in regards to tangible concepts, for instance, "I am NOT wearing black jeans". But it's false to try to broaden the question: "can I prove the existence of something which isn't readily apparent or is immaterial, such as God" into "can you prove a negative", because with this context, the answer is definitely no.

Then it becomes a matter of probabilities. What's more likely: that your fairytales are real and everything science has proven to humanity is just a gigantic conspiracy, or that you're out of your fucking mind?

I'll go with the latter, I think.

0 points

If a corporation leaves, you refuse to allow their products to be shipped to your populace, or introduce import tarrifs on them so high that they regret ever having made the decision. In case you forgot, America is the most consumeristic country on the planet. Leaving America to save a few percent in corporate tax is shooting yourself in the foot, because it represents a monumental loss of business.

The profits the corporation loses by leaving, are undoubtedly worse than a few percent in corporate tax.

Corporations know this. It's why America can have one of the highest corporate tax rates in the developed world and still be home to the largest per capita number of corporations.

Not much of a thinker, are you?

1 point

You're just one person. Not really representative of everyone. It's actually quite narcissistic to think that everyone thinks/acts the same as you do.

1 point

It's not about labelling kids as potential school shooters. It's about taking care of student mental health for its own benefit. You can't look after a kid's mental health if you aren't willing to examine the state of it.

1 point

It would be a great start. Mental health is the single biggest issue with young people nowadays. Giving them proper assessment and support is critical in educating mentally healthy young human beings. If more was done to help kids with depression or other mental health issues, America would be a much safer, happier place.

The fact that a young man or woman can be so mentally anguished that they take their own lives or the lives of others is a damning judgement on America's lack of real interest in the welfare of its citizens.

1 point

Do you know what "entirely" means?

I will assume not.

Look it up.

1 point

What a load of nonsense.

Britain's economy post-war was the most successful in Europe. Britain actually drastically reduced its debt under the Labour government, who had also implemented the NHS; the welfare state; and the greatest social housing project that had ever been undertaken.

Post-war Britain was a country of socialists precisely because of what it learned from the war: being surrounded by selfishness, and death, and inequality and destruction, is no way for civilised people to live.

0 points

Churchill wasn't Conservative, except in party name. And it wasn't "Conservatvism" that beat Hitler: it was inspirational words and Churchill's ability to read the mood of the public.

If anything, the man hated the Tory party. The entire lot of them were against him when he became PM, and the only reason THAT happened was because Lord Halifax refused the job and they knew that Churchill was the only member that the "liberals" the Labour Party would accept as leader after the resignation of Neville Chamberlain.


Because Churchill was a liberal man, and a staunch Contrarian. And he'd certainly take issue with what the Conservative party of the UK of today believe in, not to mention the American Republicans.

Churchill was about socialized medicine, helping the poor, the liberty for anyone to access education and for everyone in desperate need to be supported by a welfare state.

He was no jingoist like you American conservative morons.

1 point

No, we have a stupid yank who's unable to wrap his head around the old adage "you can't change something from the outside". It's possibly to be a member of the Tory party, and hate the way they operate.

That's what Churchill was.

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