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2 points

Clearly not.

My girlfriend is Iranian. I can tell you for certain, she does NOT want her country to go to war with America. Nor do her parents. And Iran have not invaded another country in hundreds of years. They are not an aggressive state.

In fact, the most aggressive nation on this planet is the USA.

I dgaf what you THINK Iran has done: the USA supported the oppression and torture of hundreds of thousands of Iranians through SAVAK. They denied Iranians their only democratically elected leader. And they reneged on the nuclear deal that was meant to bring peace and understanding. Even while Iran were wiling to let all the past go.

The USA were voted, in a Gallup poll (an American company), as the biggest threat to world peace, by over 20,000 people from all over the world.

Fuck America.

If they invade I will fight for Iran.

seanB(628) Clarified
1 point

Hitler invaded other countries and literally wanted to demolish every Jew and destroy everyone who wasn't blonde haired.

Iran is not Nazi Germany.

These people who want to go to war with Iran are fucking idiots.

1 point

My best friend is an Iranian woman. She works hard. 10 hour days 7 days a week. She has male subordinates. She drives. She has her own bank account and own money. She doesn't like her government but she does not want American proxy rule. she has three degrees. She is an incredibly pretty and incredibly smart person.

I hope to a god i don't believe in that America backs the fuck off.

If not, I will be siding with the Russians.

1 point

Outlaw: Bronotraptor.

Your arguments are meaningless. You are meaningless. I don't care about you or what you have to say.

1 point

Actually the biggest contributors to antibiotic and antibacerial substances in oceans and rivers are antibiotics used by farmers, and the everyday use of antibacterial chemicals in the home (which inevitably end up down the drain).

1 point

Your problem is that you are uneducated, and by extension unable to see how wrong you are. Because for that, a person needs intelligence.

1 point

This research article in American Scientific Mind Volume 19, Issue 3, pp. 68-73 collates and summarizes various evidences: scantab_contents

1 point

Homosexual sex is used, for example, in various ape species to express heirarchies, and in some for no clear reason other than pleasure. And as we see in humans: a strict desire for the same sex is a trait among a significant portion of humanity. Humans are part of nature. Ergo, homosexuality is part of nature.

1 point

If the height of your scientific contribution is calling other people stupid, you clearly lack the ability to articulate any rational responses. I would imagine you are going nowhere in life. Congratulations, loser.

1 point

The more information and data we gather, the more scientists are led to strongly suspect that there is an inevitability to the formation of complex biochemistry.

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