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1 point

This is why unions are essential for the working class. Iceland has no minimum wage, but the populace use collective bargaining to set industry standard wages. Employers there pay their staff more than $2k a month.

America is in the unfortunate position of having a low minimum wage, relatively high living costs, high competition for jobs, and a relative lack of union power, which puts employees in a very shitty position. It's a poster-child for crony capitalism, really.

The GDP per capita for the US looks great, but then you realize that most of that ends up in the hands of a small percentage of households, with relatively little spread among the "peasants".

Last I checked, the living wage for an adult and child in New York was about $25, the minimum wage was $10. Taking into account the American distribution of income, we know that about 30% of households have a gross yearly income of less than $25k. Accounting for current unemployment figures of around 4%, that means 26% of housholds are earning a wage lower than necessary for the living standard for a SINGLE ADULT.

Take into account how many of those households are home to more than one individual, and it's not hard to understand why 16% of Americans meet the federal definition of impoverished, while significantly more have less income than for basic living expenses.

Meanwhile, over 50% of US national income ends up in the hands of less than the highest earning 10% of households.

65% of goods bought in America are made cheaply overseas: people can't afford to buy shit unless it is built with cheap child labour in some shit-hole in China. Now that the pool of countries to exploit is getting thinner, America is panicking. Roll-in Trump with his protectionist policies (he thinks taxing imports will increase American productivity and boost GDP, which it will, but in the long run it will damage the working class consumer even more), and it won't be long before America is the non-minimum wage state building lead-paint action figurines for Chinese kids to play with.

Of course, that's an exaggeration, but I think it makes the point: seems to me that small business owners and their low-earning employees are all getting shafted with the same broom.

And of course, the rich get richer ....

1 point

You can't learn from history if you erase it. Same reason the Nazi swastika should never be banned. People need to know what it is and why it is shameful.

2 points

Democrats back then were a different thing: they were politically conservative and tended to be very right wing. In terms of political outlooks, the Democrats and Republicans have largely switched places on the spectrum.

1 point

Making drugs illegal, doesn't stop people taking drugs, searching for drugs, manufacturing drugs, buying drugs, or being interested in drugs. What it does do, is it creates a black market; gives income to those who rule that black market via violence and intimidation; it further isolates addicts; criminalises addiction, which is a medical problem, really, not a criminal one; it causes there to be high levels of impurity in drugs; it creates a fear culture around chemical substances; it stigmatises addiction; it leads to wars in countries where drugs are grown, and to gang violence in countries where drugs are distributed.

To see what happens when drugs are legalised, by contrast, look at Portugal. It has one of the lowest drug-crime rates in the world, along with some of the lowest rates of addiction, new HIV transmission, and drug-related deaths.

The drug problem can't be solved by criminalisation and the use of force and violence.

1 point

I will happily let you continue to think this. Better for the rest of the world that idiots like you exist to fuck America up.

2 points

Any combination of the following:




























1 point

Well ... I don't, actually. I've made a decision to actually walk places .. unlike you. You fat American fuck.

1 point


Who said I'm a Muslim? I'm an atheist, you retarded cunt.

2 points

Says the man who is "undecided" on whether he belieevs in global warming or in evolution by natural selection.

You are a lowlife.

1 point

The problem today with school shootings has absolutely nothing to do with guns

Shootings utilize guns. Guns are integral to shootings.

because decades ago there were guns all over the place

Yes, and people got shot, with guns. Guns shoot. Shootings require guns.

Teens could easily get guns, and our schools were still very safe! WHY? If guns are the problem, why were they not a problem in schools decades ago?

There was a growing problem of school shootings dating all the way back to the 1900's. The worst periods were from 1970 - 1999, then nowadays. To say school shootings were unheard of before, is false.

To an intelligent person, the answer is not gun control, but an honest look at this immoral self love culture. These killers are created by broken families

What burdens most families now, to cause them to break up? Mostly money.

children feeling unloved

Yes, and this happens when you have two parents who have to work all the hours in the universe just to afford a basic living. Regardless, many Western countries have a high proportion of single mothers and broken families, yet none have a shooting problem like the USA.

insecurities, violent Hollywood movies

Violence on TV and in video-games has no bearing on violence in real life. Movies, TV and games are forms of entertainment, proven to REDUCE depression, anger, and anxiety. If these were what caused school shootings, then why do most other developed countries with access to the same movies and games as America, not have these problems?

I'll tell you why: guns.

What kind of fool blames the weapon of choice rather than a culture creating these killers

The fool who only looks like a fool to the actual fool.

The Democrat Party's goal has always been about taking our guns

No. It's about instituting common sense gun laws, which morons like you keep interpreting as people trying to "take your guns".

one step at a time, as done in Liberal Europe

And look at the results: far less violence!

This gun control debate has nothing to do with saving lives

Really? This is just retarded. You honestly think that people who want to provide sfaety in society are actually just lying so they can take away your precious guns for no other reason than to deprive you of guns?

Fucking grow up and wise up.

because drunk driver background checks in bars would save thousand more lives, and you hear nothing from them when it comes to alcohol

Yes, people with car keys shouldn't be served alcohol. Yes, people who are drunk should be stopped from getting in their cars. And yes, guns should be restricted to licensed, capable, upstanding citizens with healthy minds.

All of those things are possible, and preferable. They should all be instated. Gun crime, gun deaths, and drunk driving are ALL valid problems.

ALL need addressed.

It's all about taking our guns so a Big controlling Government can control the people

Wise up. It's about stopping pre-school kids getting fucking massacred by some nutjob who GOT HIS GUN LEGALLY WITHOUT EVEN A PSYCHOLOGICAL EVALUATION.

These school shooters all bought a gun legally. A car requires a license and a test. A gun requires JACK SHIT.

It's obviously our culture

To an extent. But again, many Western cultures have teh features you propose are the problem -- single parenthood, liberal culture -- and yet none have a gun issue like the USA. Might it be because they don't have AS MANY GUNS??

creating these soulless killers because it hardly ever happened before. What changed? Why were mass shootings in school not a problem decades ago?

They were.

Stop acting the Left wing Progressive fools, swallowing all this fake news and anti Gun lunacy. Use the brain in your head and try getting to the bottom of this problem so we might actually save the lives of future children


What's your answer, taking away all guns that hold over 7 rounds of ammo? So you are ok with just seven children being killed? What do you do when the killer uses knives, poison, bombs, trucks, fire?

Putting common sense restrictions on gun purchase, obviously, is the answer.

How about addressing the core problem in this immoral self love culture whereby our children are sacrificed for convenience through No Restriction abortions, or abandoned by parents chasing after greener pastures. Look at the garbage Hollywood puts our for our teens to see, all in the name of money

Why doesn't Europe have this problem? Our culture is not much different in these aspects.

We have a moral problem in this nation since God was separated from our public. Try putting two and two together. It's not the gun!

It most definitely is the gun.

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