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 Planned Parenthood whines the SCOTUS ruling is Anti-Woman (5)

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Planned Parenthood whines the SCOTUS ruling is Anti-Woman

Be afraid. Be very afraid. The Supreme Court has just enacted a "Handmaid's Tale" reality upon us all by ruling that California should not force pro-life pregnancy centers into promoting abortion.
Shrieking from the confines of their Twitter account without citing a single example abortion conglomerate Planned Parenthood lamented that SCOTUS has enabled pro-life pregnancy centers to give helpless pregnant women inaccurate information. SCOTUS voted 5-4 in favor of fake women's health centers wrote Planned Parenthood. Despite today's ruling know that we will never stop fighting for everyone’s right to have medically accurate information about all of their options.

But Progressives are all about the children at the Border !!!!!!!!!!!
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Making Progressives foam at the mouth is priceless.

Planned Baby Exterminators are whining because they won't have as many parts to sell.

ObamasGoblin(96) Disputed
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Liberal Nazi death camps for babies. Baby hating bastards. What about the children-----

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Planned Parenthood is the #1 abortion provider in America. Have not noticed that Planned Parenthood is helping the children that are starving in the US. Democrats are seriously deranged people.

Mingiwuwu(1783) Clarified
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If the poor are able to avoid having babies despite screwing up contraception, then overpopulated ghettos/slums end up easier to avoid. If they can't afford to get rid of the babies, they are going to end up having more especially if the contraception itself isn't too easy to get on their minimal wage bracket.

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I think the facility of an abortion clinic should be available for those who wish to avail of its services but without it being promoted as a pleasant amenity.

The decision as to whether or not to use this service should be exclusively a matter for the pregnant woman.

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The good old rhythm method is not an infallible form of contraceptive/family planning, but it's good fun..

What more could a man ask for than making love while playing George and Ira Gershwin's I've got rhythm, I've got music, who could ask for anything more?