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Should the Death penalty be resumed in society?

The Death Penalty should be resumed in society. I think that putting a criminal behind bars can never stop that killer from committing more murders when we know that that killer can kill again in prison or order executions behind bars as in the case of Little Vada Vasuez who was hit by a stray bullet earlier this year. So was in the case of Mary Vincent who was raped and had her arms chopped off by her rapist who was tried and convicted but later freed on parole who then moved to Florida where in 1999 he raped and killed another young woman before being given the death penalty.

Many of us who claim that the innocent have been convicted need to realise that we are not living in the past. We are lving in the present where technology is advanced and the chances of the wrong being convicted are little or none. Anybody who claims that the innocent are being executed i challenge you to produce such a case before me in this time. Moreover are we forgetting about the rights of the defendant during a trial which prevents an accused from being racially discriminated during a trial and for the exclusion of any evidence obtained in contravention of the Laws.

For those of us who claims executing someone is murder, I say to you to look up the definiton of the death penalty and the definition of murder. Murder is the taking of another human being's life intentionally by someone who is intentionally acting in contradiction to the law. Such a person i think, is trying to prove to the law that he or she is better than the law. Such a person should be punished by the very law which he or she has disrespected. The death penalty on the other hand is a legal punishment according to the laws designed to punish the killer and is equivalent to the level of crime committed.

I was speaking to a friend who placed his doubt saying the DNA evidence is jsut 99.9 % effective so he is placing his doubt on that .1% because he believes it should be fully accurate. My response to him was if you have a doubt in DNA then how come you dont have a doubt in condoms which is also 99.9% effective or less. Dont people use condoms which protects them from pregnancies or STD or STI(s)?

We claim that the death penalty increases crime which was proved by Robert Dann in 1935 but later a more advance theory was done comparing states with low executions with states that performed high executions. This study revealed that the death penalty actually deterred murder in states with high executions and states with low executions had little or no effect on the murder rate. This study was done by Hashem Dezbaksh etal. This theory was proved by the Bureau of Criminal Justice in 2001.

If we look at the crime rate in Texas (a death penalty state) and the crime rate in New York we may see and jump to a conclusion that the crime rate in Texas is higher than the crime rate in New York(a non death penalty state) but let also remember that there is a difference in the popul

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An eye for an eye is perfect justice. If a person kills, he or she should get the same punishment as the crime they committed. The only thing I have against the death penalty, however, is price. If death penalty becomes cheaper than life in prison, then I say it becomes more mainstream.

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a couple of people who disagree with you

Ghandi - "an eye for an eye leave's the whole world blind"

Jesus - "You have heard that it was said, 'An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth.' But I tell you, do not resist an evil person. If someone strikes you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also."

both were, of course, executed (Jesus through capital punishment no less) - but if it's good enough for Jesus, then why not any innocent person...? They made sure that guy didn't do any more criminal behavior....

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You say that rehabilitation can be effective, my question to you is how can we ever tell rehab will be effective? Can we read that person's mind? Do we know if they are pretending? Maybe you should read up on the serial killer in Texas who killed 5 women mostly nurses and lied that he only killed one woman before being sentenced. His entire rehab and remorse for his crime was fake because he himself accepted it was a fake after DNA linked him to the rape and murder of the other 4 women. According to him, he wasn't sorry that he committed those crimes but he finished rehab fast and made every effort to because he wanted to be out of there. Do you think that rehab changed Mary Vincent's attacker which was stated in my argument above?

You talk about life? What about the life of the victim? You say that you despise those who support the taking of a human life? What about those murderers that are killing others in society and in prison? What is your opinion on that?

The death penalty is expensive i agree but lets think also about the rising prison population and the expenses associated with that, such as construction of new prisons, increase in maintenance fees, supporting prisoners medically and with food and the main one the process where many prisoners enter society in a process call re-entry caused by the over population in prison.

These re-entry prisoners sometimes ends up committing more crimes once they re-enters society.

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yes, it would lower crime rate if publicized, we can rely on CNN to do that

if you tell your kid you will spank them for taking other kids toys it gets more of a response than a time out

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the death penalty is not a Fair sentence. No man should have the power to end a man's life legally. I despise the men and women who think that they should end the life of a person. I AM condoning the life sentence, because there is a chance for rehabilitation, and if a man feels guilty for his crime, which will make him feel worse about it? living with it, or just letting everything go?

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i understand it must be used sometimes, but it must be very rare. Death penalty is a final judgement, and even if the defendant is proven innocent, which has happened in the past, he is still dead. death penality should only be used when the subject is too dangerous to keep in prision, which is not often the case.

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So what happens when the prisoner is released on parole? What makes us think he wouldn't kill again? What if the prisoner orders executions from behind bars?

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it is a false choice to think that the only options are the death penalty or murderers getting out on parole and killing again - even if you discard the possibility of improving rehabilitation or modifying the parole process, life imprisonment would still keep that person off the streets while providing the maximum opportunity for people who are wrongfully convicted to prove their innocence.

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The death penalty is for hypocrites. If I can prevent it, I refuse to be hypocritical.

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The Death Penalty is cruel and unusual punishment and should be abolished.

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tsun(33) Disputed
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what? it is quick, not like some elaborate Rube Goldberg torture machine with buzz saws and flame throwers. It is a humane way to lower murder rates.

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