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The 3 incontrovertably fail-proof steps to getting a rock hard pair of gluteus maximuses

State your case for each of these topics.

1: Evolution vs. creationism.

2: The effect that religion has had on humanity historically, both in general and in regards to christianity specifically.

3: The nature of causality and why God's existence would or would not be a causal paradox.

These are the central issues pertaining to the validity of monotheistic faith, since the vast majority of religious people on this site are christian I am expecting this debate to mostly consist of christians vs. atheists but if you are not a christian but you still believe in some form of god or creationism then just pretend that in section 2 I said "in regards to whatever your religion or belief system is specifically"


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You need to amend your debate because the terms of your first question are not mutually exclusive. For example, many modern Christians believe in evolution but still argue that the universe itself is a product of God.

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I'm sorry, I just have to say.....that debate title and subsequent reasoning is hysterical. Thanks for the laugh.

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That's a tough workout he proposed. I think I'd rather just sit my flabby butt down and eat a bowl of ice cream. And judging from the lack of serious submissions in the comments I suspect there are not rock hard butts amongst the whole lot of us.

Except maybe FromWithin and SaintNow. Because you could probably put a piece of coal up their butts and get a diamond out later.

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Lol, too true. But I don't want to get anywhere near their fannies, even to get the gem.

Some things just aren't worth it.

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