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Third Wave Feminism is Good for Society

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Hello x:

Seeking equality is always a good thing.


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michelle02(32) Clarified
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Obviously you're uneducated about THIRD WAVE feminism because those feminist claim to be for women and men equality, but they're trying to get rid of father's day because they're men and we shouldn't celebrate men. They're also trying to make it seem like being born white and male is a bad thing.

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I'd like a definition of third wave feminism and an explanation for how it compares to the first and second wave. And then I'll raise the question how do we know it isn't time already for a fourth wave.

But ultimately I voted yes, because advocating for the needs of a social group is generally a good thing. And advocating for it does not automatically mean anything else has to be put down or stepped on to do so.

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Sure, for the most part it was, until the fourth wave brought postmodern influences, intersectionality, belief in a lack of sex differences, shutting down free speech, a hatred of men etc. etc. Alright, maybe the last one was always there in some measure!

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As a mixed race girl, I see lot's of campaigns and movements for black lives matter, feminism, and other groups. These groups are all made by people who want to feel like the victim. I have been catcalled and I have been blown kisses at, but this does not mean I need feminism. The definition of feminism is about equality between men and women, but the third wave feminism is horrible and makes it seem like being a white male is a horrible thing. They are ignorant, close minded, and are for dumb things like getting rid of fathers day. Maybe feminism is needed, but definitely not in America.

Dear Feminists,

Please go to somewhere like Africa or some place in the Middle East where they actually need feminism. In the Middle East, women get raped all the time and can get killed by just showing their ankles.

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WinstonC(1012) Clarified
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Just FYI but contemporary feminism is called "fourth wave" feminism. "Third wave" feminism is said to have ended in 2012. Other than that I broadly agree.

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I am a feminist, of the old school. I believe in equality, but I also understand we all need some thick skin. Yes, I get that women get tired of the harassment, but I've seen any compliment taken as harassment. I am sexually attracted to women, and there will be a sexual element to a lot of my appreciation of them.

Our sexuality is a part of what makes us human, and not simply sexist pigs. I've seen third wave feminists insist that telling a woman that I like her legs - I find them sexually attractive - makes me a pig.

That much is nonsense.

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