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NowASaint's Reward Points: 1128

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument Is democracy a good thing the way it is in the USA?
1 Added Argument Is it more rational to believe in a multiverse than to believe in a god(s)?
2 Added Argument does God favour boys than girls ?
1 Added Argument Should atheists/agnostics simply say "I'm a fool"?
5 Created Debate Should atheists/agnostics simply say "I'm a fool"?
5 Created Debate Are Atheists "Special"?
5 Created Debate Is God justified to leave atheists burning in Hell forever?
5 Created Debate Does God Love Atheists?
4 Created Debate Must Atheists burn in Hell?
2 Added Argument Religion acts like a mental disorder.
1 Added Argument How do we cure scientific illiteracy?
4 Added Argument Every scientific theory has a formula except darwinian evolution why?
1 Added Argument Is global warming a hoax?
1 Added Argument Is Time Travel Into The Past Possible?
0 Added Argument "NowASaint" Is A "FromWithin" Alt Account
0 Added Argument Should FromWithin Be Permanently Prohibited From Moderating Debates?
2 Added Argument It remains only 200 years for the humanity to escape Earth?
1 Added Argument Should White Women be able to write on "black natural hair" websites, to give advice?
1 Added Argument Can god tell a lie ?
1 Created Debate Is it retarded to say Gods cannot be God?
1 Added Argument Should religions be classified as Fake News? The bible seems to say yes.
1 Added Argument Are people aware what their age will bring?
1 Added Argument Should faith schools be banned?
1 Added Argument Should we protect the environment?

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