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1 point

You refuse to admit you are a sinner who deserves to burn in Hell. That is why you believe the word of God is of no affect for you.

NowASaint(458) Clarified
1 point

Also remember that no matter what problems we have, it's less than what we really deserve as sinners. We deserve to die and burn in Hell. No matter how bad things get in this life, it's less than we deserve. God gives us time outside of Hell we do not deserve. He gave His Son to take our punishment on Himself so that we can have His eternal life in His resurrection. The gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Don't let these bitter, unforgiving and unforgiven sinners intimidate you. They don't know the truth, they don't want to know the truth, and they will not listen to the truth. They said it themselves many time, they reject the truth and would rather burn in Hell forever than believe God loves them and gave His Son to save them from Hell.

NowASaint(458) Clarified
1 point

Acts 20:21

“Testifying both to the Jews, and also to the Greeks, repentance toward God, and faith toward our Lord Jesus Christ.”

The gospel is simple, a child can understand guilt of wrongdoing and asking God's forgiveness. A child can repent and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and be saved. It's sad how hard hearted and hard headed so many people become as they get older.

NowASaint(458) Clarified
1 point

Jesus said He is God, this was the excuse the Jews used to persecute Him. They did not believe He was God, so they accused Him of blasphemy when He claimed to be God in human form, the Son of God.

We have the eyewitness testimonies in the word of God, and because those eyewitnesses knew Jesus did what only God can do in conquering death they obeyed His command at the cost of their own lives to spread the gospel around the world. We still obey that command as we have believed without seeing the Lord. Doubting Thomas said he would not believe except by putting his finger in the nail prints in Jesus' hands and by thrusting his hand into Jesus side where He was pierced with a spear while hanging on the cross. Then Jesus appeared and invited Thomas to put his fingers in the holes and thrust his hand into Jesus' side. Thomas apparently did not bother to do so, but immediately worshiped the Lord, saying "My Lord, and My God".

Jesus said to Thomas something like "because you have seen me, you have believed. Blessed are they which have not seen yet have believed."

Nothing in reality makes any sense without the gospel of God in Jesus Christ. The faith of God in Christ is the only belief which is entirely logical and rational without holes.

NowASaint(458) Clarified
1 point

Remember, people who want to harass you because of your faith do not realize that they are on their way into the fire of Hell. Don't be afraid or ashamed of the gospel. Jesus recommends us to the Father as we recommend Him to lost sinners.

I don't bother trying to reason with the idiots on here anymore. They repeatedly do things which bring consequences they do not want and that is the definition of an idiot. There's nothing wrong with applying truthful names to the behavior and attitudes of people, be it good or bad.

NowASaint(458) Clarified
1 point

I like the tightrope walker with a wheelbarrow analogy. A guy with a wheelbarrow walks a tightrope over a deep canyon, gets to the other side, then returns with the wheelbarrow. He says to you, "Do you now accept me as the champion tight rope walker in the world?". You say "Yes, of course! Nobody can do what you just did!" Then he asks you if you believe He can do it again. You say "yes, I believe you can do it again." Then he says to you, "Get in the wheelbarrow".

This is the difference between a person who knows something about the Bible or about Christianity and a person who really believes on Jesus. A real Christian is one who gets in the wheelbarrow and there is no getting the Savior takes you across the canyon, the canyon represents your sin which separates you from God. True belief in the Savior is a complete new life trusting Him who died for you and crossed that canyon which nobody can cross by their own efforts or wishes.

NowASaint(458) Clarified
1 point

God gave us His word through the Jews who are God's chosen people through whom He makes His name known in the Earth. There are many proofs of the Bible being God's word, but none of those proofs will be enough for people who hate God and will not believe His word even if they find themselves unable to get out of Hell.





And the reality of your salvation through faith in the blood of the Lamb of God.

We know the King James Bible is God's translation to English as He proved it by the blood of martyrs he used to bring us His word in English.....and many other proofs. It is easy to show all other English translations are fraudulent and not God's word, but like with people who believe the dictionary tells what a Christian is and not the Bible, people who will not believe we have the word of God in English will not accept any proofs.

1 point

A lot of people with all kinds of beliefs call themselves Christian. Catholics call themselves Christian while they are actually pagan using names and words from the Bible while changing the meanings of words and changing the importance of people. This guy was probably Catholic, but He was never a child of God. The Bible defines what makes a Christian and it's by second birth, born of the Spirit of God. Jesus said "ye must be born again". The dictionary definition of "Christian" allows for people who are not born of the Spirit of God to call themselves Christian. The Bible tells how to become a Christian, and it's by an act of God when He adopts a penitent sinner as His child, giving them His Spirit. You can't be a Christian one day and then stop being a Christian. Like you said, anybody who says they were a Christian and then stopped being one never was a Christian according to the Bible.

1 point

All religions are already basically the same......teaching what you are supposed to do to earn the right to exist outside of Hell. All religions, including atheism and Zor. ism, all forms of Hinduism, Islam, Catholicism, Buddhism, whatever...they are all the same based on the lie that you can earn the right to exist outside of Hell.

Knowing God in reality is possible based on what He did for you when He died for your sins and rose from the dead to forgive all who believe on Him. Jesus Christ is about what God did for mankind to save them from Hell. All religions are about what you can do in order to feel like you have the right to exist outside of Hell. You cannot do what God did for you, you cannot earn the right to exist out of Hell by your own words, beliefs, or actions.

1 point

who cares about god? It's not god you want to be free from, you want God to be gone so you can't end up in Hell. You're clinging to a fool's hope. You can't make God stop being God by saying He is not good enough for you, and you can't keep yourself out of Hell by insisting it is not real or that you are too good to be left there forever.

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