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RSS NowASaint

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1 point

Being close to death is fun? Well, I have to admit I know I am close to death and I do have a lot of fun knowing my sins are forgiven and there is a mansion in Heaven ready for me and I'm going there soon.

1 point

I once dove in the window of an overturned minivan where four people were hanging upside down by their seat belts. I figured it was easier for me to be in their burning with them if the thing burst into flames than it would be for me to stand outside and watch after I did nothing to try to get them out.

That is much like what God did for us; He loves us so much that He plunged Himself into our dying, took our place in death and paid with His Innocent blood for us on the cross. Then He came out alive, with power to bring out all who will admit they are the ones who deserve to die and believe He did it for them. Call on God the Father the name of God the Son in faith, ask Him to save you, believe on Him and you will be saved, He will come into you by His Spirit and give you a new heart born of God fit for Heaven.

0 points

You are only a heartbeat away from the end of your time now. Throughout my life I have known many who suddenly were deprived of their expected next heartbeat and left this world forever.

If you had moments where you narrowly missed the finalization of your time, (I had around five of those moments in accidents or combat) that is only a wake up call from God. You have no guarantee of another breath of air, no promise of one more heartbeat....but God does promise eternal life to all who will repent of their sins and believe on His Son who conquered death so that all who trust in Him will be pardoned of their sins and welcomed in Heaven by God the Savior who died for them, Jesus Christ.

NowASaint(1320) Clarified
1 point

You better find out for yourself what the truth is. If you think you can't know, you will be lost forever.

NowASaint(1320) Clarified
1 point

Sin cannot be redeemed. Believing in God, Jesus, and the Bible will not get you into Heaven. The devil believes.

To have eternal life, to be a child of God fit for Heaven, you must be born again. You can't go to Heaven if you are not born of God.

NowASaint(1320) Clarified
1 point

Probably more like 95 percent of the world's population is on their way to Hell. God loved you so much that He came down from Heaven and died in your place, for you, to save you from Hell. If you won't repent of your sins and believe on Him, you will be damned and you deserve it.

God gave His Son to be the propitiation for our sins, all who agree with God as to His right to execute permanent and capital punishment (eternal damnation in the lake of fire where sinners burn in pain forever)against sinners as His only begotten Son, the Innocent One, was executed for our sins, believe He is risen from the dead as death could not hold Him in the ground since He had no sins of His own, and ask God the Father in the name of God His Son to forgive them, they can by faith receive Him as He is, God the Only Savior and have new life from Him, the Spirit of God making them a new creature with eternal life.

If you think you don't need what Christ did for your sins, and you don't need to admit that you are guilty of the sins He died for and worthy of eternal damnation in fire, you are mistaken and you will be cast away from God as you are now...separated from Him by your sins forever in the lake of fire.

1 point

The devil believes Jesus Christ is God, the devil believes in God.....many people who believe in God are on children of Hell, of their father the devil, and on their way into the fire.

1 point

Will shutdown slow the economy? I think they are just trying to make people mad when they want govt assistance and can't get it due to shutdown.

2 points

Ungodliness is what is destroying America .

NowASaint(1320) Clarified
1 point

Of course you would prefer a stupid, nonsensical, cruel, evil thing to be your god rather than have God who is good rule over you: which is His right since He created you. Too bad you can't have things your way. God has the right to execute you at any moment, you do not have the right to challenge Him. If you think you can challenge God and go unpunished you are a fool. If you think God is not the Creator of all things, you are a fool.

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