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RSS Narek

Reward Points:89
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Narek(89) Clarified
1 point

There is a huge difference between the parties. The establishment Republicans are similar to Democrats, but the Conservative Republicans are very different.

Ah so that's why the Republicans have so many more criminal indictments?

1 point

Also where in the New Testament does Jesus say to ignore the Old Testament? Please do share the verse.

1 point

It's a simple yes or no question. Why do you refuse to answer it?

If you refuse to do this, I will not waste another second debating you.

You've said that hundreds on times to various people and yet you keep "debating" them. For someone that calls other people deceptive liars you sure lie and deceive a lot.

1 point

Stop speaking to Old Testament Jewish law!

So the Old Testament Jewish law isn't the word of the Christian god then?

1 point

Speaking out against people abandoning their children, the killing of even viable unborn babies, is what Christians should be doing.

But didn't you just say Christians should love and forgive those people?

1 point

Christianity is all about love and forgiveness, even for our enemies.

Then why don't you practice what the New Testament says if you're a Christian then?

1 point

So you're saying that the god in the old testament is not the same god as in the new testament?

2 points

I wonder how quickly your tune will change if Trump ends up resigning/getting impeached.

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