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Evil Stalks The Internet And Its Name Is Brontoraptor

It has the head of a neo-Nazi and the body of a Sumerian demon prince. 

Silver and large words are the only known repellents.

Do not let the beast's lies enter your ears.


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He is out to bully but I am unbullyable because I don't take it to heart and will expose the bully for what they are.

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How do you have minus 2, that’s hilarious. Nice picture though, and I believe as well that bronto is a turd monkey, but there are worse.

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If Bronto was locked up in the same room with actual evil he wouldn't stand a chance. Heck, even just your basic hacker looking to ruin someone's life on the web would crush Bronto and the rest of us and set our lives back a century.

Basically you have a ridiculously low threshold for defining evil.

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Basically you have a ridiculously low threshold for defining evil.

No, basically you have a ridiculous lack of a sense of humour.

Pull your head out of your rectum and lighten up.

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I think you're right this time.

When I pull my head out of my rectum should I put it straight into the microwave?

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Brontoraptor isn't evil he just craves attention. He's a victim of several mental conditions and possibly some physical as well and is probably a jobless shut-in who lives with his parents which would explain his ability to have a continuous 24/7 presence on this web site.

Bronto, getting a job would make you feel a lot better about yourself. It could drastically change your life for the better. Eventually your parents will die and by that time you'll be middle aged with no resume and no marketable skills. Do you want to live out the rest of your life in a poverty level nursing home?

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I have 3 houses, one in Tahlequah, one near Tulsa, and one near OKC. And I've made enough money to never work again. If I were on the dole in mommy's basement, as you are, I obviously would be on your side demanding retribution and financial aid for God knows what.

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