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 What is your favorite YouTube channel? (7)

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What is your favorite YouTube channel?

Out of all the channels available on YouTube for entertainment, politics, news, education etc. which is your favorite? You may list several, particularly if you have different favorites in different categories.
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Vsauce (1) - though it's gone downhill recently. His old videos were the best.

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Shane Dawson

Uhhh,,,, what do I write for the rest of this?

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The Joe Rogan Experience:

He has on a variety of guests (I prefer the science and philosophy guests) and they have reasonably deep discussions and arguments. There are a large variety of guests though, ranging from astrophysicists to MMA fighters so not all of the interviews are to my taste.

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For me it's .... The atheist experience... A phone in show that takes all calls from believers and totally destroys every argument they make in a totally respectful way , it's hosted by the excellent Matt Delahunty

I suggest believers who wish to reamain so should not watch as the show has lead many to atheism

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I used to love that show ~10 years ago, along with Edward Current. Though Edward Current was just atheist comedy I'm pretty sure he's the source of "checkmate atheists"(Source 1).



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It's great when they get someone on who's a good debater for the theist side as it can result in some very good exchanges .

I remember hearing that " checkmate atheists " very funny indeed