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I find it absolutely insane that you want RIGHTS to be taken away from us.

I think many people (not all) agree that third wave feminism is "evil", but nobody is banning it because they have the right to do and say whatever they want as long as they're not breaking any laws.

If you want to live in a place with restricted freedom, then get out of America.

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We are in America. As long as they're not breaking any laws they're allowed to do and say whatever they want.

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There are people who ACTUALLY get beat up and harassed every single day. The people supporting safe spaces and trigger warnings for university students just want safe spaces for when they "get offended" by a statement somebody says that they dislike or don't agree with.

Deal with it, or get out of college. We need to teach people how to toughen up.


If they have an actual SERIOUS problem where they're actually being attacked then you or somebody else can report it to the police.

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Funny how you said "...YOUR man Trump..."

I saw you're profile and you live in the United States, so technically hes OUR man because Trump is OUR President.

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I didn't read the entire question because I don't feel like it, but as Americans we have the right to not do something we don't want to do... but it would be funny to see a feminist at a male convention.

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Honestly, homework is good for you. It really does help you, and maybe a little homework is OK. We also have to remember, they're at schools for 6-7 and sometimes 8+ hours a day, and need some time to relax and have fun. Kids won't be kids forever. They need time to spend with their families and can't focus on school 24/7.

I would also like to add that I'm a sophomore in high school, and I'm at school from 6:50 in the morning (my mom has to drop me off earlier so she can make the train, but school really starts at 7:20) to 3:00 in the afternoon, and as soon as I get home I do my homework/study and sometimes I don't go to sleep until midnight. I don't even play sports or have activities after school other than the gym. (I haven't even been going lately because I have way too much work)

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This question can be interpreted in many different ways, but I think the question is meant to ask "While prisoners are in prison, should they still have the right to vote?"

(I'm not actually sure though :P)

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I understand where you're coming from, but that doesn't mean they have the right to stay here. My mom lived in the Philippines. She had no relationship with her dad, and she was abused physically and emotionally by her mom and brother EVERY SINGLE DAY. My mom has also almost been MURDERED, KIDNAPPED and RAPED by her moms ex-boyfriends on MULTIPLE different occasions.

My mom didn't even finish high school because she had to work.

Her life was so bad, but she still managed to wait to become a legal citizen of the United States of America because even she knows no matter how hard life is, breaking the law is never OK.

If you're really poor and can barely pay your bills, you don't rob a store. You actually have to WORK HARD an EARN your money.

I think it's wrong that those people are living in conditions like that and us Americans should work together to help other people who are less fortunate than us, but coming here illegally is NOT the right answer.

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I agree, and sorry about the way the question was worded.

It was literally my first time using this website :P

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Obviously you didn't understand what I just wrote, because I meant they're breaking the law just by being in America.

That's why they're called "ILLEGAL immigrants".

They're here I-L-L-E-G-A-L-L-Y.

Just because I care about America, and want people to follow our laws doesn't mean I think I'm living in the 1700's. It just means that I respect the law, our government, and the American citizens in it.

It's also kind of funny that you said I still think I'm in the 1700's because I wasn't even born in the 1900's. (In case you wanted to know, I was born in 2002)

I also just wanted to give you some advice.

When you're having a debate with someone and all you can do is call them names, it makes you look like extremely uneducated. I don't want to know what you think about me, I just want to know about facts and have an actual debate.

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I'm going to be fair and say you have some fair points, and yes I did make a small typo.

I would usually agree with "Just because some people do something wrong doesn't mean everyone gets to." but when millions of people are supporting the fact that they should come here and stay, then they're making it OK for them to come here illegally.

We cannot pick and choose what laws we want to follow. It's either we follow all the laws, or none of the laws. If people can come here ILLEGALLY and get away with it, then I should be allowed to rob a store and get away with it too.

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No. Freedom of speech means I can say whatever I want even if it's offensive. If you don't like freedom then you get at of our country and feel free to move somewhere in the Middle East where men can kill you for saying something they don't agree with.

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Kids should be allowed to date people older than them. I'm not saying an 8 year old should date a 13 or 16 year old, but they should be allowed to date somebody older than them.

If I'm 8 years old and born in 2009, but I want to date somebody who is born in like 2010 then I don't see a problem with that.

In addition, their are adults who date are 10-20 years apart so why should a year or two be a big issue?

(I would just like to say, when I have a kid I don't want them to be dating and this is just for arguments sake lmao. Dating while you're a kid is kind of useless and you don't even do anything anyways.... I don't even think they hold hands :P)

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It's not a win-win at all.

Those illegal immigrants can just walk around the street and break the laws, but if an American citizen robs a store they get put in jail. We cannot pick and choose what laws to follow and what laws to not follow. If you want to live America, you follow all the laws and they're already breaking a main one by being here illegally in the first place.

Why should my mom and my family friends have to spend valuable time and money to come here illegally when now everyone can just come here for free?

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Illegal immigrants shouldn't be allowed to live in America.

They're breaking the law and shouldn't be here. Some of them want to live here for the better future for their family, while others do many bad stuff.... but both of them are criminals because they're breaking the law by being here illegally. If an illegal immigrant kills somebody, they can get away with it because they're not an American citizen, they're undocumented, and we won't have any information on them and who they are.

Also, they're not paying taxes. They don't pay taxes to our American government and they don't have to because they're not American citizens. They are living here for free so why should my parents have to pay taxes while they don't?

In addition, they always find ways to cheat and find their way around the American systems. There are so many illegal immigrants who voted during our presidential election. (I understand that it's not allowed/is illegal, but they still did it anyways)

Illegal immigrants should not be allowed America.

michelle02(37) Clarified
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It's kind of funny how you say "we ENSLAVED black people".

By "we" I'm going to guess you're trying saying white people and I just want to say I didn't enslave anybody. Our ancestors don't always represent America and the same goes for other places.

Hitler was German but I don't go around Germany saying "you people KILLED the Jews!!"

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I'm a girl and the wage gap isn't a myth or a fraud, but there is more to the story.

The wage gap between men and women don't see that women (NOT ALL) typically desire lower paying jobs like being a teacher while men usually aspire jobs that are naturally paid higher. They also forget to mention that many women have children and have to leave their work place for a while and they don't get paid the entire time when they're on maternity leave.

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No. They morally lost the right to vote when they committed a crime and went to jail.

Also why should people in jail be allowed to vote when they're obviously bad at making decisions. They did something wrong, and that's why they're in jail so why should they even be trusted to make a decent choice.

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Transgender people have gender dysphoria. I have a transgender friend at my school, and although it's confusing at times, I still managed to respect and use the pronouns he wanted me to use.

I just wanted to say that you can identify yourself however you want as long as I'm not paying taxes for other people's gender reassignment surgeries.

You also have to wonder that if you were born as a girl, but want to identify as a boy then would it be right to medically be considered male like most transgender people want to do?

The girl who identifies as male could have breast cancer, or the male who identifies as a girl could have prostate cancer.... but since it's legal for them to identify as another gender they could be misdiagnosed or be "TRIGGERED".

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Bill Clinton is a rapist and took advantage of his employees.

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Obviously you're uneducated about THIRD WAVE feminism because those feminist claim to be for women and men equality, but they're trying to get rid of father's day because they're men and we shouldn't celebrate men. They're also trying to make it seem like being born white and male is a bad thing.

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As a mixed race girl, I see lot's of campaigns and movements for black lives matter, feminism, and other groups. These groups are all made by people who want to feel like the victim. I have been catcalled and I have been blown kisses at, but this does not mean I need feminism. The definition of feminism is about equality between men and women, but the third wave feminism is horrible and makes it seem like being a white male is a horrible thing. They are ignorant, close minded, and are for dumb things like getting rid of fathers day. Maybe feminism is needed, but definitely not in America.

Dear Feminists,

Please go to somewhere like Africa or some place in the Middle East where they actually need feminism. In the Middle East, women get raped all the time and can get killed by just showing their ankles.

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