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made to escape reality made to present life as it is
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films should be made to escape from reality and not to remind us of how grim life really i

films should be made only as a source of entertainment and not for preaching that how a society should behave and act or films should be made to educate the masses about the social evils rather than presenting them a happy go lucky picture of physical reality.

made to escape reality

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made to present life as it is

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I'm only posting on this side because there is no middle ground. Films should present both. It's your choice to watch what you want so if you only want to watch a movie to escape reality then go for it. If you only want to watch a movie to remind you how lucky you have it or that there are others out there in the same predicament you are, then go for it. It's rare that there is a person that only wants one type of movie every single time. So provide both and let us choose what we want.

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Well, it's not really an either/or, because there are different films for different purposes. But I voted on the escape reality side because hey, let's face it, if all they could ever show was reality then we might as well just watch home video clips on Facebook and call it a day.

Furthermore, your content dillemma could also be applied to literature, to music, to art - basically to anything and everything considered creativity. I'm not ready to surrender the whole realm of creativity to being simply it is what it is and don't make anything new up.

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Yes. I agree, but the problem is we have RACIST white hating filth like excon who doesn't have a real life and therefore have to reply on ''FILMS'' to learn how civilized people conduct themselves.

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excon(12386) Disputed
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Hello again, A:

I dunno WHY you wanna hijack this persons debate, but that's the kind of person you are..

In any case, we SEE your flapping gums about what you SAY I posted. But, what we DON'T see, is you posting a verification of it... If it's here, like you say it is, you can find it and post it so everybody would SEE that I'm the liar, and you're the truth teller..

It would be EASY to verify it, IF you could.. But, you CAN'T because all you got is your flapping, racist, lying, piece of shit gums..


Side: made to present life as it is
Antrim(1302) Disputed
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Your racist mind and ignorance has resulted in you not knowing that what Americans call movies, the British call films.

You clearly suffer from some form of autism and have difficulty in focusing on any more than a few subjects at a time.

Whilst it is customary in civilized societies for people not to mock the afflicted they, like me, should make an exception in your case and denounce you for the RACIST BONGO filth that you are.

Your autistic condition has noting to do with me, it's a mental disorder with which you were born, probably inherited from one or both of your special needs parents.

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Well it depends what you're going for. Sometimes it's relatable when a movie ends in a way similar to the real world, without a fairy tale ending, you know, and they all lived happily ever after (One example would be Manchester By The Sea, great flick, but not if you want to be uplifted necessarily). But at the same time, movies help us express ideas about the future/past that are entertaining to add our imagination to, so yes, I'd say they are primarily made to expand upon reality.

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There's no 'should' in film-making. It is the director's choice as to what it should be like. Both possibilities are fine.

Side: made to present life as it is
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A "film" should present real life. A "movie" should be for escaping..


Side: made to present life as it is