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RSS Atypican

Reward Points:4771
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atypican(4771) Clarified
1 point

<~~~ Concedes defeat .

1 point

Technically I don't think you can imagine smells tastes sounds or tactile sensations. You SAYING that you can isnt convincing at all.

1 point

Can you please define "value" in regards to this discussion in precise terms

To value = To attend to situational developments with the aim of preserving or attaining desireable things and/or outcomes

Your two qualifying examples were both based on immediate, neutral observation.

Value beliefs are not neutral. And I believe previously in this thread I was careful to distinguish the difference between beliefs about how things simply are and beliefs concerning how we want things to turn out.

atypican(4771) Clarified
1 point

Given that they consider themselves a religion, do you think this is because: they don't really understand what religion is, or they are dishonestly using the term for ulterior motives, or what reasons could you imagine that they would think they are appropriately and legally classified as a religion?

1 point

FYI: Saying that you MIGHT not be able imagine this or that is different than saying something is unimaginable.

Question: If your aim is to imagine a car and images of dinosaurs are all that pop into your head have you succeeded?

1 point

Im not in to having conversations or debates with people who don't answer my questions, then expect me to answer theirs.

1 point

Really now? What did I call unimagineable ?

1 point

No.. Because its bound up with value beliefs .


atypican(4771) Clarified
1 point

Yes. Do you think these terrorists misrepresent themselves as Islamic? Do you think they are REALLY Islamic? Given what that word means

2 points

Do you think those who follow Gods will regard Mohammed as a prophet?

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"I help raise cats for "not herding" Please send links to where I failed to address valid points."

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