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Cynical's Debates: [clear]

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Winning Position: What is your opinion on Aurelio Voltaire (and his music)?
Winning Position: Contemplating hiatus.
Winning Position: What's your opinion on the Evil Dead reboot/sequel?
Winning Position: Cynical 500 Day AMA (Ask me anything)
Winning Position: Post your Desktops Pt. 2
Winning Position: What do you think of RWBY?
Winning Position: Your list of the top ten most influential people in history.
Winning Position: Nationstates
Winning Position: What do you think of this image?
Winning Position: The Music Box [2]
Winning Position: If, in twenty years or so, virtual immortality was an option, would you take it?
Winning Position: The original
Winning Position: Show off your desktops!
Winning Position: Sitechat
Winning Position: What 10 movies should I watch for my Halloween Horror Movie Marathon?
Winning Position: What is the plausibility of using a 'white dwarf' star as an energy source?

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