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 What is the purpose of life? (67)

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What is the purpose of life?

Why are we all here?  What is this existence?  Is there a purpose or do we just create our own?  Go deeper than just God made us.
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It might be sex (but really I mean reproduction). I mean yes you can make up whatever purpose you want, but when it comes down to it, just about everyone chooses to reproduce in some way. You might focus on biologically reproducing and focus on your children. Or you might reproduce the human race and try to help make a new discovery. Or perhaps you could stroke your ego and go for fame or religion. But nonetheless people seem to choose to reproduce in some way. Perhaps there's something to it?

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To eat as many coarse cut marmalade sandwiches as possible along with tumbler fulls of ice cold creamy milk.

Maybe this is not the pretentious philosophical bullshit you were expecting but there it is.

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to Glorify the God of creation ... to live in the presence of and worship him forever


A Course for Life .... If you’re in school, the pressure is on. What you’re learning from your books today will need to serve you for a lifetime ahead .. You’re also at a major spiritual intersection. Now is when you set the spiritual tone for your entire life ... The course you commit to and the priorities you adopt now will affect you for years to come in personal and far-reaching ways. They will touch your relationships, your family, your career, your leadership, and most important, your usefulness to the church and your witness for Christ ..... That’s the point behind A Course for Life .. What you’re about to hear is a best-of collection of messages by John MacArthur delivered with passion and warmth to students during chapel services at The Master’s College .. The lessons were handpicked to provide a life blueprint for students of any age ..... Listen carefully, commit yourself to obeying the biblical principles you’ll hear, and you will see blessing beyond what you can imagine. Run the race, stay the course, finish strong.

Stravick(32) Disputed
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It would be a sad life if the only reason we were here on this Earth was to stroke the ego of a god that should be above such things.

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So Jesus washes the feet of others, then is humiliated, torchered, and murdered, all to prove he loves us and.... "he's an ego maniac....

Seems like a legit argument...

(Crickets can be heard for miles)

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The purpose of life is whatever you make it out to be. There is no higher purpose to serve, only the biological fact that you are here to procreate and die. But as a sentient creature of this world you have the power to make life's purpose anything you wish it to be. Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

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The purpose of life is whatever you make it out to be

Which with atheism is...

Nothing. Excon says it all the time. "I believe in nothing..."

Stravick(32) Disputed
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I specifically just said it is whatever you want it to be. As atheist, they can make whatever they want to be.

(The day you eat, you will surely die(trophy))

Purpose is achieved at the end.

Purpose of life is death.

But jesus conquered death(Grammy conquers BET Awards). He offers a new life. Its purpose is life to life to life.

This is the only time greediness is good, plus there is enough for everyone.

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Life is about doing the best you can with whatever you were given to work with. If you're a human who starts out with a lot then you have much further to go to validate your purpose than if you start out with a little and somehow make a great life out of it.

If you're a sea turtle it's about surviving to lay enough eggs in the right spot on a beach so that the most of your baby turtle offspring can make it to the water and survive themselves.

Does god factor in? Some will say yes, some no. But even if you do say yes then you need to do something great to validate the life that you think god gave you. That means you need to do more than just post on the internet all your evangelical just believe this and you're all set bullcrap. And you need to contribute more ideas than just being a troll or just repasting from propaganda news sites.

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Hmmm. I'll say....doing the best you can with what you have to work with. Working to better yourself and get what you want but appreciating more what you have. At one point in time it was probably reproduction but now...not so much. So enjoy what you have while you have it.