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 Do you believe in god? (143)

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Do you believe in god?

This question doesn't have to do with any religious community... Answer with wit
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Yah, I believe in God.When I look at the universe, all the things on the world including human beings they must be having a source.All this can not just come out of nowhere so the maker and creator of all this I believe in Him

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Do I believe in a supernatural entity that no one has ever seen , heard or touched but somehow exists ? That would be a no from me , god's power has changed over centuries.

He used to create universes and flood the entire Earth - now he can only manage to appear on toast.πŸ™€πŸ™€πŸ™€

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And of course you cannot tell us how reality came into being or even theorize how it came into being. No surprise there. Insert? Atheism...

Dermot(3126) Disputed
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But why would I have to tell you ?

Once again you make assumptions that I and others cannot even theorise how it came into being , why do you assume that when the total opposite is true ?

It's no surprise it's you who asks a question then gives the answer you want to the question you asked .

To say ' insert Atheism ' is again showing you do not even understand the term which is merely a position on one question alone and that is reagarding whether there's a god or not .

From the Scientist magazine

One of the many theories that you've never heard of is .....

Unlike the God theory, Chaotic Inflation makes very specific predictions about what we should find if it is true, and indeed we do find many of those things. Namely: that the universe is unimaginably huge the Hubble expansion the precise uniformity of the cosmic background radiation in the observable universe, in all directions the extraordinary β€œflatness” of the universe the absence of massive, negatively-charged particles (grand unified theories predict such particles, but we do not find them, and Chaotic Inflation is the simplest way to diffuse such particles) there were once several models that fit all the data, but recent discoveries about the angular wavelength of the cosmic background radiation have ruled out several theories, while Chaotic Inflation still stands that there are quarks and neutrinos with the specific properties we observe only dimensions and particles exist, which happens to be true .

There are many more theories also so there's no need to ' insert Atheism ' and it is amusing you accuse Atheists of exactly what believers do as in Godidit as the explain all

catninja(249) Disputed
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You're arguing against what theists have been doing for millennia. Ever heard of "God of the gaps"?

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The reason why we don't see impossible things happening anymore is because we have come to realize that it was just our misunderstanding of what had occurred. That lead us to believe that it was miraculous for a time.

Cause and effect are governed by the fundamental laws of nature. Just because we don't know the cause, that doesn't automatically mean that it was magic.

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In ancient times the man who first claimed natural phenomenas as in eclipses of the sun , thunder and lightening , floods etc ,etc, was the work of a god or gods was all powerful ; witches were burnt at the stake for preforming childish conjuring tricks our ever increasing knowledge had left little room for charlatans , con men and wonder workers of the religious type to hold sway anymore .

You're correct if we don't know the cause it's just something we don't know which is the intellectually honest position to take

jeffreyone(965) Clarified
1 point

that no one has ever seen ,

I hate this line very much.

How do you know no one has ever seen, heard, touched.

I have heard God.

i have prayed in dangerous situations where everyone(groups) were made to face where only the group i belonged to was spared when. I only prayed 4days to the day.

Everyone had no hope of being spared.

You don't live the lives of others so stop talking about other people's life.

Many people know God but they are scared of being mocked by people like you....

Dermot(3126) Clarified
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I know you do because the truth hurts , I know because they have zero proof .

You have not heard god you've heard yourself talking to ... yourself.

Your touching tale is nonsense with no evidence for your wild assertions .

I don't know the lives of many and I'm not talking about their lives I'm merely pointing out what is fact as opposed to imaginings .

People are scared of ones like me because they realise their claims are nonsense one person praying aloud in public would be put in a loony bin do it in a crowd on Sunday and we got us a .....religion

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At least know what you're talking about before engaging a topic.

You do understand that Jesus Christ was a living human being who was touched and was seen?

Dermot(3126) Disputed
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That's the problem for trolls such as you I know of what I speak unlike your make it up as you go along tactic .

I never doubted a guy called Jesus lived but your type claim a miracle working Jesus existed which is nonsense .

You believe in a miracle working Jesus for which you have zero evidence and one would think a miracle working messiah and his deeds would have been documented by at least one commentator , guess what zilch , nada , nothing recorded by historians from that era of this amazing miracle worker ( the gears slowly grind in your poor brain ) did that work for you dummy ?

Besides that now I've established Jesus was just an ordinary preacher where's your god evidence ?

Checkmate .... again

Nathanduclos(43) Disputed
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other then the bible, written century after his supposed existence. Do you have and contemporary sources form the time of jesus that said he existed?

It seems that if jesus was real and existed, that it would e the single most important eent in history and would be recorded so individuals who rely on logic and reason would have a reason to accept it. However if there isn't, this is a game of sick peek a boo and hide and seek at the expense of a supposed soul. Which would make god kind of a jerk right? I mean if you can't give evidence and your not letting me see it, how can i reasonably make a decision for the god of the bible over the god of other books?

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We haven't seen a shred of evidence for the magical nothing monster that manifested reality from its magical nothingness. Prove it exists. Hell. Prove any non theist event created reality. Hell, I'd take you making a rational and complete sentence at this point.

Nathanduclos(43) Disputed
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p1 - We haven't seen a shred of evidence for the magical nothing monster that manifested reality from its magical nothingness.

p1.1 - No one claimed that. Most athiests claim "I dont know" not "a magical nothing monster"

p1.2 - We haven't seen a shred of evidence for the magical God monster that manifested reality from its magical nothingness. Do you have evidence.

p2 - Prove it exists. Hell. Prove any non theist event created reality.

p2.1 - Your shifting the burden of proof, which means you positionis invalid. I have made no claim. you claim a god exists, can you define your god in a rational manor and show a demonstration of it.

p3 - Hell, I'd take you making a rational and complete sentence at this point.

p3.1 - If making a coherent sentence is the halmark of a rational position by default your cray cray friends in the other 'debate' had a run on sentence that was biblical in nature.

p3.2 - your attempt to dismiss the argument by dismissing the person making the argument shows the weakness of your claim that a god exists. Because you not addressing the issues.

example. Lets say you dismiss the nothing monster, that you show that the universe came from something not nothing (without defining nothing at this point). You still have yet to show a god did it, or specifically your god. It could be cosmos farting pixies. The person making the claim has to define it and then demonstrate it.

doesnotequal(6) Disputed
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It takes just as much faith to not believe in God as it does to believe in God...Think about it, how is believing that the universe sprang from a infinitely dense point any less dependent of faith than believing that a greater being created the universe? Both religious people and atheists are relying on faith, the difference is that atheists have trouble admitting so.

Dermot(3126) Disputed
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It is the theist’s job to prove a god exists since in fact it is the theist who is making the claim. The theist is the claimant who is claiming something exists. Atheists are simply objecting to the notion that there is any reason to believe in a god since there is no evidence for it.

Going on your logic do use as much faith to not believing in unicorns ?

Why do you assume all atheists claim that the universe sprang from an infinitely dense point ?

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Which one?? The god of love MORE often seems to be the god of hate. Whichever one it is seems to have hatred for S/HE/ITS "constituents. They are flooded, diseased, murdered, maimed, starved, etc. .... and there is only the "ONE was saved ... out of 50! It's a "miracle"!

As Voltaire said: "God is a comedian, playing to an audience to afraid to laugh."

I reject a thousand "gods", plus one.

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There aren't a thousand choices. There are 5 religions with any numbers. Buddhism, which is nontheistic. Hinduism, which worships demons according to itself. Islam, which mentions Jesus. Judaism, which prophecied... Jesus. And Christianity, which is about Jesus.

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And to think, liberals always argue that Bible God is a liberal.

AlofRI(1734) Clarified
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Liberals DO NOT "always" argue that god is a liberal. Jesus WAS definitely since he didn't, allegedly, agree with many of todays American conservative ways. He cared about the poor, the sick, the hungry, the abused women, (all, allegedly). He didn't like an authoritarian government, wanted the rich to give their money to the poor .... on and on, he was definitely NOT a conservative, if one can believe the New Testament. I WOULD say "God" was a LOT more like a conservative, not a liberal. He demanded "loyalty", he was often cruel, to my way of thinking, he didn't seem open to open thought, seemed to not want us to think, just obey and follow his instructions, believe everything he said .... a lot like the top conservative of today, don'cha think?? No I don't know of ANY liberal that thinks God was anything but a conservative .... Jesus and God .... kind of like Ronald and Ron jr. Another reason I'm an Atheist.

NowASaint(1222) Clarified
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A thousand and one gods are not God. You are pretending to be talking about God when you are talking about gods which are not God, you are arguing against your own consciously created straw man which is not God and saying "gods are not God" and you really sound stupid yet you fool atheists act smug with your robotic stupid statements.

JatinNagpal(2672) Clarified
1 point

Ah, sinny stain, could you not do any worse with that?

Though I have no idea, I still expect it to be your limit, considering you you've been stuck on it.

AlofRI(1734) Clarified
1 point

I sound stupid to you, you sound at least as stupid to me. We simply have different opinions and beliefs. That's not stupid, it's what makes human beings the most intelligent species on the planet .... although, lately, I think we're losing ground. ;-)

Nathanduclos(43) Disputed
1 point

Can you define your god? Since i dont know what god your talking about, and you assume that your god is "the god", can you clarify your statement please..

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I believe if God studies hard, joins some clubs, goes to practice after school, he has a decent chance of getting accepted into a good college. Go God! I believe in you!

(You said answer with wit)

But P.S., I expect after he gets there he's going to drink a lot, probably pledge a fraternity, and maybe get caught hanging out with unsavory characters. Devil, I'm looking at you man. If God ends up a flunk out I'm going to assume you were a bad influence.

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But P.S., I expect after he gets there he's going to drink a lot, probably pledge a fraternity, and maybe get caught hanging out with unsavory characters

Jesus did all of those things. That's kind of why Catholics drink and so do many Protestants. He hung out with a prostitute and many other "bottom dwellers". That's why we relate to him.

2 points

That's my kind of god! ..........................................................................

NowASaint(1222) Clarified
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The people who accused Jesus of hanging out with prostitutes and bottom dwellers were themselves bottom dwellers in their arrogance, and Jesus called them children of Hell of their father the devil. You are talking like one of them when you say Jesus hung out with prostitutes and bottom dwellers, and you are helping Satan keep the blinders of the minds of people who appreciate your twisted ideas of faith.

Jesus did not hang out with prostitutes and bottom dwellers, He had a purpose and focused on that purpose everywhere he went. He was not a bar fly like you are implying, hanging out with prostitutes and bottom dwellers. Maybe you are a barfly, you sure are foul mouthed enough to be one, you disgrace the name of Christ by ignoring and twisting His word.

John_C_1812(131) Disputed
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God could attend school scholarships didn't cover god's living expense and fanatical aid could not confirm any guardian income for tax reasons. lol

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What is god ?

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Nope. I used to, but I was raised that way and have been able to wise up to the drivel I was taught. There is no proof of God other than a man made book. There is more evidence in scientific research like evolution, so I choose to trust science rather than a fantasy.

Believing in God is exactly like believing in unicorns. Both were made up by humans and both have books about them, but of course people believe one over the other despite there being no evidence of either.

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Yes, I do believe in God. Which God? The only one and that is Jesus Christ.

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God taught me how to be atheist.

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So you believe the magical nothing monster manifested reality from its magical nothingness. Makes sense...

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Atheism taught me to be a theist. *

I believe that it's not possible to have a credible opinion on God. Here's what I mean by that.

We have no credible evidence on either side of the debate.

If we did, it wouldn't be accepted unless we found the Ten Commandments on a moon of Saturn or some stupid shit.

Next question.

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What is god , ?

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Maybe when I was nine.

But seriously, people tend to grow out of these things when they realize that there is nothing to suggest the existence of a god aside from anecdotal evidence, which I believe is faulty in itself.

Anecdotal evidence is only useful in disputing an unfair generalization (ex. All Canadians are brunettes. "My friend is a blonde and she is Canadian." Done.)

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I believe that God may or may not exist and we cannot definitively know one way or the other. I think it is arrogant for anyone (atheist or theist) to claim there is "definitely a god" or "definitely no god". We don't know. We can make an educated guess, and as someone who is both a former atheist and a former theist, I respect both sides, as long as you accept there is always a possibility (however tiny) that you could be wrong.

I think it's less probable that a god that exists is one claimed by any religion.

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Do I believe in God? I feel like that question is asked of people more than any other. I grew up not going to church but I still have some beliefs. Yes, I believe there is someone somewhere up there that made us and helps us. No, I don't believe in a lot of the things that the majority of the religions believe. I don't actually quite get why it is a big deal that someone believes something different from someone else. I believe that there are multiple gods of multiple things.

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The FOOL says there is no God. I mean, it's pretty obvious.